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Tidbit Thursday

Happy Thors-day!

As I write this, I’m sick as a dog, and struggling to get through my night shift so I can sleep. Because dying.

News? Sure, let’s talk patch 7.1.5 as it hits the PTR. More importantly, how it might help with making gooooooold!

  • Looks like crafted gear is getting the Obliterum upgrade from 8 to 10. Take advantage now of the cheap mats that you can use to make these things, and be ready to sell them once the patch goes live.
  • Also getting a very cool upgrade is the WoW Token. Judging by the coding being introduced in the patch, we are going to be able to buy the tokens and deposit them in our account. That means you’ll be able to buy server transfers, race changes, and all that good stuff, with gold. To this I say both “Hooray” and “Damn it” because I can see myself using this to server transfer toons, and most likely leveling them up.

There were a couple other things, but I’m pretty sure that was part of a fever dream. Actually, that leads me to another tip. It’s not necessarily game related, but it bears mentioning:

  • Listen to your body. It will tell you when something’s wrong. I’m not saying to go to WebMD every time you have an ache (because nine times out of ten it’ll probably tell you you’re dying), but be mindful if you’re feeling “off.”
  • If you’re sick, STAY HOME AND DON’T SPREAD YOUR PLAGUE YOU SAVAGE! Luckily when whatever the Hell plague hit me, I was already at work. Staying up late at night puts stressors on your body, including your immune system, which is why doctors suggest rest when you’re sick. So being up all night will beat the piss out of me, but I don’t have to be around other people so I am somewhat contained, and I have alcoholic wipes that I will use to towel down everything before I leave. I will also leave some for the day shift guy, and suggest he do the same.

That’s it for me. I hope this posts.

#PrayForMojo #ScrewThatGorilla

How To Fight Sugar Cravings


Just over a week into the New Year. How’s those resolutions working out for ya?

If you’re like me, you’re trying to clean up your filthy act this year. Maybe drop a few pounds, reduce some of the jiggle in your junk trunk. Personally my sweet tooth is a tough cookie (get it? cookie? sweet tooth?) to deal with. I’m generally good with eating healthy, but every once in a while I get the hankering for something sweet. Next thing I know, there’s colorful wrappers everywhere and I’m in sugar-shock wondering what the Hell just happened. Like I’d just been assaulted by Willy Wonka or something.

This is a trap many of us fall into, especially when we’re logged into WoW or any other game of choice. You’re sitting there, either cruising along a flight path or waiting for your Heroic queue to pop. Boredom takes over, and you just feel like grazing a little. That’s when the sugar fairy comes around and reminds your mouth that you still might have some of those Christmas chocolates that Aunt Gertie gave you.

Fitness model and all-around helpful gal Lunden Souza created a video blog entry entitled “How to Fight Against Sugar Cravings”, which is a huge boon for sugar fiends like me who are looking to curb the siren’s song from our sweet nemesis. So put down the bonbon and check out the video. DROP IT I SAID! THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

Eliminating temptation is a good idea. But make sure, if you throw it out, you get it right out of your house. Don’t just toss it in the trash under your sink and leave it there because, well, it’s still in the house. And sometimes the sugar fairy is a mean bitch who doesn’t give a damn about things like personal pride.

I’m not saying that you’ll fish junk food out of your trash like a junkie, but I’m saying some people might. Trust me, it won’t be your shining moment. Certainly wasn’t for me.

The New Weight Loss MMO


I remember when I first read this article back in May. I was on standby for work, which kept me away from home for two weeks. I stayed with my father out in the country, which kept me close to work, but with barely enough internet juice to get a signal for my iPhone. This article popped up on Klout, and since I couldn’t do much of anything else I read it.

It really motivated me. I mean really motivated me.

One of the apps mentioned in the article (the Zombie, Run app) was too big to stream on my phone. I had to either plug my phone into a computer or download it via wifi. Well there was no computer to be had at my Dad’s place (my father is not what you’d call computer savvy). Option B consisted of me driving one town over and hanging out in their mall (a building with three stores in it counts as a mall, right?) for 45 minutes, just to leach their wifi to download the app.

I’ve always tried to watch what I put in my body, and made it to the gym on a fairly regular basis. But I started following most of the steps of this “MMO” and I’ve lost twenty pounds in about a month and a half, without going to the gym. More importantly, I’ve had fun doing it. It’s Min/Maxing in real life!

The article was originally posted over on Polygon in April 2014. The author, Frank Caron (@FrankyCaron), is clearly one smart and nerdy dude. Check out the link for the actual article (with pictures and data and such), or peep out the straight-up text version below. Hell, do both. Get crazy!

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Healthy Hotel Breakfast Options

The sultry smile of a woman who enjoys a healthy meal.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Dude, this is some kind of gaming blog. I’m here to read about Death Knights and stabbing shit.” Fair point. However, the “stabbing shit” you should really concern yourself with is that stabbing sensation in your chest when your clogged arteries kill you to Death… in the night. See what I did there? (Yes. And it was terrible — Editor.)

Many of us travel, and in about 140 days a slew of Blizzard gamers will be heading to Blizzcon. A large percentage of them are going to forget about little things like showering (Gamer Funk is real, people.) But there’s no reason to start your day off by filling your personal gas tank with garbage. Most hotels provide a continental breakfast buffet of some kind, and it wouldn’t hurt to take advantage of it. You’re going to be spending your day standing in line or sitting through panels. Might as well do it with something healthy in your system.


Because it can get quite unhealthy in the evenings.

In this article over at, Nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg discusses a few healthy alternatives for the hotel breakfast.

•plain yogurt (prefer it over flavored) with fresh fruit
•oatmeal packet (make with 2% milk or water) and handful of nuts or cinnamon if offered
•2 tbsp. peanut butter + fresh fruit (i.e. banana or apple) OR on toast
•2 hard boiled eggs + fruit
•omelet bar (2 eggs + veggies + cheese OR meat)
•scrambled eggs (1 scoop) plus fruit
•single serve cereal (cheerios or oat bran) with 2% milk. Skip the surgery options!

Your Mom was right – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t screw it up when you’re travelling!