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Death Knight Artifact Talent Trees


Image via Wowhead

Okay Rokkstars, I know people are stoked about getting artifact weapons in Legion. I know I am. It’ll be nice not to have to worry about looking for weapons, like, for the entire expansion. I’ll just have the one (or two in the case of my Death Knight) that I need to focus on and level up. Other folks seem to be jazzed for lore reasons, which makes sense since some of these artifacts have some name value behind them. We did get a taste of this lore in the Frost Death Knight Artifact Quest, which really tends to beef up the awesomeness of possessing iconic weapons.

As if trying to figure out own talents weren’t bad enough, we now have to plan out the talent trees of our artifact weapons. My boy Hazzed was kind enough to put together a video that explained the talents for the Death Knight artifact. Getting this kind of information early will make everything much easier to do once Legion goes live.

Check out the video from Hazzed – Death Knight Artifact Talent Tree.

6.2.2 Frost DK PvP Survival

Frost Death Knight


It doesn’t matter what your iLevel is, a dead man’s DPS is zero.

A couple of weeks ago during the battleground event weekend, I learned a thing or two about myself. I discovered that I’m not that bad at the whole PVP thing. Also, fun fact, if I’ve got someone throwing heals at me I can wreck some serious face.

Such is the dilemma of a Frost Death Knight. I can pull some serious deeps, but staying alive can be a bit of an issue without a pocket healer. That’s where my boy Hazzed comes into the picture. He is one of the top Frost DK’s in the PVP scene, and he’s a great teacher too. The man can drop some serious knowledge.

For example, Hazzed turned me around as far as my thinking about self-heals go. Blood Death Knights are damn near unkillable. Frost DK’s tend to be a little more squishy. That all changed once Hazzed showed me the light when it came to keeping my ass alive. Who knew that Frost Death Knights had such great heals?!

Check out his video below.  Watch. Learn. Survive.

And kill.