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As many people know, NaNoWriMo is the tag associated with National Novel Writing Month, a month where people challenge themselves to write 50,000 words (which equates to about a novel). It a challenge for budding writers who find themselves stuck, or who tell themselves “I’ll get to it later.”  Traditionally it takes place in November, but the community promotes other challenge months as well.

This November, I’m getting involved. Which means that most of my free time will be taken up at the keyboard. While this is not anything new, I’ll be writing on the keyboard and not killing digital snakes and wolves, or picking flowers or rocks. I may squeeze in some WoW time but it’s really not a priority.

Especially in November, when I won’t be attending Blizzcon. I’m still choking on that bitter pill. I haven’t swallowed it. I just let the damn thing dissolve in my mouth, leaving a very horrible taste on my tongue.

This leads me to today when I came up with the damn fool idea of Azgofamo!

No, I’m not having a stroke. I also did not faceroll my keyboard.

AzGoFaMoAzeroth Gold Farming Month!

It’s the beginning of the month, so I thought I’d try this challenge for October and see what kind of results it produced.  The goal, much like the challenge in November, is 50k. In this case, it’s fifty thousand gold. That’s half the price of a token, more or less. Not bad for thirty minutes a day.

The self-appointed rules are simple:

  1. One character.
  2. Thirty minutes.
  3. Profit?

I made a Demon Hunter and used the trial boost to get her to 110. I unlocked the new content, set my hearthstone, and started about my business. I then took everything I picked up, used the portal to Stormwind, and posted everything on the AH.

The plan is to use the Hearthstone to port back to the new content, farm until the cooldown on the Hearthstone times out (30 minutes on an unguilded character), then use the remaining few minutes to portal back to the AH and post.

Why do this?

  • It will help me to manage my time. Next month I need to set aside enough time to get the word count in. This will help me get into that target mindset.
  • I could use the gold to help guildies who might be having trouble making gold on their own. Despite what people think, not everyone has the know-how.
  • It’s something I could do next month as well. If I reach my word count for the day and I still have about half an hour, I could pop in and do my thing.

Day One is done. I may sneak on later to do my thirty minutes for yesterday, giving me one hour logged for the first two days of October.

Has anyone else tried something like this in Battle for Azeroth? What did you do for your gold farm? What kind of results did it produce for you?

Preparing for BfA

Woah, it’s been a minute since I posted anything on this here blog. This is becoming a habit. Can not doing a thing be a habit? Would that be some kind of unhabit?

I’ve been doing my WoW chores (aka Order Hall missions on my phone) on an almost-daily basis. I log in to replenish my resources, gather gold, and buy tokens. Bufaah (or BfA I suppose) is just around the corner so it’s time to double down and milk that gold-making cow as long as those Order Hall udders are producing.

But with Battle for Azeroth only a couple of months away, those teets are going to be tapped very Soon(™). Then what? How does one make that sweet and easy gold once the Order Hall gold gets nerfed (TO THE GROUND BAYBAY)?  I’m sure there’s going to be another Garrison/Order Hall to abuse at some point. But until then, can we abuse the toys we have?

Sure can. I stumbled upon this Lon Measley video, which gave me enough ideas to keep the gold flowing. Okay, maybe a trickle but it’s something.


Only a week into 2018…



It’s been about a week since the start of 2018 and I think I’ll be sleeping out the rest of this World of Warcraft expansion.

It pretty much dawned on me when I did a preliminary calculation of my Hordeside Order Halls. The total came to about 59,000 gold. Now that’s nothing to sneeze at for one week of essentially logging onto my Legion app. But prior to this, I was putting up much bigger numbers. I did that by logging in twice a day, every day. But lately I’m only logging in once, almost every day.

We’re just talking about the app here. An icon on my damn phone, that I carry around with me all the time. That’s not even logging into the actual game, which I have rarely done for more than a couple minutes a week to refill my Order Hall resources.

I’m not even keeping up with WoW happenings. I’ve seen Youtube videos (isn’t that were most folks get their WoW news these days?) where people are mentioning events like buying Legendaries from vendors, and the release of the cinematic where we will retire our artifacts.

I’m not an end game players. I don’t raid, so I don’t care about Legendaries. I know it’s a pride thing for some people, and more power to them, but I couldn’t care less about the status of Legendaries. Legendary items should be rewards at the end of a long quest. Not something you luck into. But that’s old school RPG me.

As far as artifacts go, I think that was the last of my motivation for logging in. Why spend time making my weapon better when I’ll just be handing it in a few months from now. Especially when I have no reason to log in and use it.

I know me. I ebb and flow as far as my WoW interests go. I’ll be bored, then I’ll get bit by the bug and start playing something different. Maybe it’ll be to renew the Ironman challenge. Maybe I’ll want to wreck face in PVP. Maybe I’ll want to build a fortune on a new server.

Right now though,  I’ll just keep clicking my app. There’s things in the really real world that have my interest, like the writing bug that bit me again and consumes my waking hours. Like the Pathfinder campaigns that I’m participating in and running. Also, the damn 2018 Pushup Challenge, where I try to do 2018 pushups in 2018. Currently I’m sitting at just over 500.


What are you doing to keep yourself occupied lately in WoW?

Rokk Talk – Iron and Gold


I don’t know when this is going up, but as I write this I’m about fifteen minutes away from finishing my night shift. That seems like an excellent time to put a blog post together, because it’s like I’m getting paid to blog. Living that dream!

The downside, of course, is actually having something to blog about. Since BlizzCon I haven’t really done anything new. The lazy gold keeps pouring in, so that’s something I guess. I just build up my order hall resources and run gold missions on my phone through the Legion app. This past week was rather profitable, making just over 90 grand Horde-side and 30k gold for the Alliance. I could bring those numbers up by getting more characters onto Argus and unlocking a few of those phat gold missions.


Speaking of BlizzCon, people have been excited about the news that Blizzard will be releasing Warcraft Classic, or whatever they’re calling their vanilla server. There’s even a movement in game called Project 60, where players try to capture that Vanilla experience. I’ll let that big ol’ slab of swole gamer, Bajheera, explain via Youtube.


I’m not big on nostalgia, so this really doesn’t float my boat. But far be it from me to poop on people who enjoy swimming upstream with rocks in their pockets. Uphill. Both ways.  I’m not opposed to leveling challenges. Play the game how you will. That’s why I’ve decided to attempt, once again, the WoW Iron Man Challenge on my new warrior Freakenstein.


Next stop – level cap!


Warriors are beast, so I know that the issue won’t be the content that kills me. It’ll be my lack of patience. So good luck Freakenstein, and my condolences.

There we go. Guess I’m getting things done after all. Next stop, sleep.

Rokk out.

Another Week of Gold


Hello Internet. Well here we are, another week and another stack of gold waiting for me at server reset time. This time in the tune of over 90,000g in one week.

So what changed this time? Last week, I pushed to get two more characters to Argus. They blitzed through the questline up to the point where they unlocked the first gear quest for the first Argus faction you reach. Once those were unlocked, I had quests where I had to get six order hall champions to gear level 900.  That seemed to unlock the more profitable gold quests. Then it was just a matter of waiting for them to show up on the old quest board.

I don’t know if this Class Hall / Order Hall / Gold Hall is changing my playstyle very much. I actually find myself comfortably playing my main when I have time, rather than rushing around to all of my alts and logging them in, doing their profession world quest, sending it to the AH mule, and posting it. I’ll be honest though. It does feel like I’m wasting gold by NOT doing those things and only doing my Gold Hall missions. Which, I suppose, I am.

Sorry this post is so short. I just wanted to update you on my Order Hall Haul for the week. I may push to get another couple characters off-world and on to Planet Gold. But I’ve got quite a bit of work to do on my days off, so I’d best get to it.

Rokk out!