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As many people know, NaNoWriMo is the tag associated with National Novel Writing Month, a month where people challenge themselves to write 50,000 words (which equates to about a novel). It a challenge for budding writers who find themselves stuck, or who tell themselves “I’ll get to it later.”  Traditionally it takes place in November, but the community promotes other challenge months as well.

This November, I’m getting involved. Which means that most of my free time will be taken up at the keyboard. While this is not anything new, I’ll be writing on the keyboard and not killing digital snakes and wolves, or picking flowers or rocks. I may squeeze in some WoW time but it’s really not a priority.

Especially in November, when I won’t be attending Blizzcon. I’m still choking on that bitter pill. I haven’t swallowed it. I just let the damn thing dissolve in my mouth, leaving a very horrible taste on my tongue.

This leads me to today when I came up with the damn fool idea of Azgofamo!

No, I’m not having a stroke. I also did not faceroll my keyboard.

AzGoFaMoAzeroth Gold Farming Month!

It’s the beginning of the month, so I thought I’d try this challenge for October and see what kind of results it produced.  The goal, much like the challenge in November, is 50k. In this case, it’s fifty thousand gold. That’s half the price of a token, more or less. Not bad for thirty minutes a day.

The self-appointed rules are simple:

  1. One character.
  2. Thirty minutes.
  3. Profit?

I made a Demon Hunter and used the trial boost to get her to 110. I unlocked the new content, set my hearthstone, and started about my business. I then took everything I picked up, used the portal to Stormwind, and posted everything on the AH.

The plan is to use the Hearthstone to port back to the new content, farm until the cooldown on the Hearthstone times out (30 minutes on an unguilded character), then use the remaining few minutes to portal back to the AH and post.

Why do this?

  • It will help me to manage my time. Next month I need to set aside enough time to get the word count in. This will help me get into that target mindset.
  • I could use the gold to help guildies who might be having trouble making gold on their own. Despite what people think, not everyone has the know-how.
  • It’s something I could do next month as well. If I reach my word count for the day and I still have about half an hour, I could pop in and do my thing.

Day One is done. I may sneak on later to do my thirty minutes for yesterday, giving me one hour logged for the first two days of October.

Has anyone else tried something like this in Battle for Azeroth? What did you do for your gold farm? What kind of results did it produce for you?

TGIF – Jade Forest Gold Farming

When one is farming for gold, sometimes it pays to go the extra mile. For example, you might have to run a questline to unlock something, like a phased zone. I’ve leveled a few characters through the Jade Forest, but I tend not to be there that long. A handful of quests and I’m usually ready to move on to the next zone. I may decided to go back and work on a few more quests if it means I get to farm without having to worry about someone else poaching the mobs.

Check out this video from BellularGaming, who outlines the quest in quest…ion. Check out the comments, where he points you to the Horde equivalent.

For the Alliance? For THE LEWTZ!

TGIF – Gold Farming Like the Pros

The Gold I Find. Quite applicable today, since it is pretty much about finding gold. On mobs. That I kill. Repeatedly.

I almost feel guilty about posting this video. There’s no secret location here, and no surprise reveal. In fact, I think I may have posted a similar video to this in the past. The location being farmed is well-known to farmers (not Halfhill farmers, but they’re already got a sweet location for gold). It’s popular, easy to get to, and with a Potion of Luck it can be pretty lucrative.

There’s two reasons I’m posting this video. One, the author does a very good job in explaining what makes the spot valuable. Two, he gives some insight in using this pre-90 as a potential XP spot, with all the pros and cons included.

Like I said, this is a popular location. Umren, a gold-making mogul on Twitch, also uses this spot for farming Guo Lai Keys. Here’s a guy who is committed to making gold, and goes into detail about swapping to dead servers for farming. Gold, tips, and a wicked looking hat.