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Gladiator Stance vs Arms Warrior

PVP sidewinder Bajheera knows plenty about how Arms Warriors rock and roll in versus settings. He took his fight to the Warlords of Draenor beta with his Gladiator-stanced Prot Warrior. At level 100, he dueled an Arms Warrior to see just how Gladiator-stance holds up.

Bajheera Tries Gladiator Stance as Prot

Oh Bajheera. You of the swelled biceps (“Hit ’em with a flex!“).

Saturday evening, while waiting for the 2014 Mr. Olympia results (and subsequent robbing of Kai Green), he decided to kill time by logging into the Walords of Draenor Beta for some PVP action. But rather than doing arenas, as he tends to do, he decided to try out the Warrior Prot spec in the new Gladiator stance.

The end result is that my Warrior may be doing some PVP in the new expansion.

Believe that.