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Best Way To Gear Up in Patch 6.2


Patch 6.2 - Y U SO BUSY

Patch 6.2 – Y U SO BUSY


Okay Internet, let’s get one thing straight. I will get Draenor flying. Don’t you worry your pretty little head over it. I just won’t get it in the next few weeks.

And I blame Kephas for that (@TheKephas).

No, not for reelz. Not entirely for reelz.

It all started when I was doing the Tanaan Jungle rep grind dance. I was working the quests, picking up Apexis crystal rewards on a character who really didn’t need the gear. “What a waste,” I thought to myself. “At least I’m getting the rep for flying.”

Meanwhile, as I and many others like to do, I had Youtube videos going in the background while I played. TheKephas videos are some of my favorite ones to play in the background because a) his videos are informative, b) he keeps it simple, and being a simple beast myself I can appreciate that, and c) his videos always feel conversational rather than instructional.

As fate would have it, I happened to be playing his video “Gearing up for Hellfire Citadel” in the background. It’s a great video, and despite the length I highly recommend that you both watch and listen to it. He discusses the best way for gearing up in patch 6.2, so naturally it’s worth checking out.

That video slammed the emergency brakes on my flying progression. Yeah, it was that good. Well, for me anyway. Like I said, I’m a simple beast.

The video in question, or Exhibit A (for Apexis – get it?):

It all seemed like a great way for a character to gear up. That got me thinking – did I have a character that I could gear up like this? At least to the 650ish iLevel?

For the giggles of it I started looking at my level 100 characters. That’s when I found him:

Hello there Disco Duck.

Hello there Disco Duck.

Oh he was terrible for all the right reasons.

  • He was a fresh Level 100 that I blitzed to level cap. When I say fresh I mean just that – he dinged 100 and was tossed to the curb. Case in point: He had a Level 3 Garrison with open plots, and maybe nine followers. I hadn’t even bothered to finish the ten minute quest line that would unlock the Salvage Yard.
  • His gear was putrid. He had a sub-600 iLevel, and still have gear on that was just barely above 500. He was still wearing heirloom items.
  • Alliance. Nuff said.

I decided that for a few days, I would work to get him into Tanaan Jungle and see about upgrading his gear. Of course, I could wake up tomorrow and decide that this is all stupid and a waste of time. But until then, I think I’ll see what I can do.

Nothing like setting the bar low.

Nothing like setting the bar low.

Look at that. I’m playing an undergeared Alliance Prot Warrior. Thanks Kephas!

I Love This Bar


Deathrokk has hit 100 (that’s Number Nine on the “Ding 100!” list).

Yes, I’ll wait for you to get over the shock.

I’ll touch on this briefly. I leveled Deathrokk like so: enter zone, do quests until zone outpost is selected, do all bonus missions and grab some treasures along the way. Maybe, maybe a dungeon in there (all, what, one or two of them?). Rinse repeat. I feel like this one went quicker, but it was definitely a plus to level as Blood. I didn’t get a War Mill (barely got Garrison Level Two), and since I wasn’t really doing any questing anyway my main upgrades were the heirloom items. Ghetto gear FTW!

I focused a little on picking up some of the followers in the zone (as long as it didn’t involve running a long questline to unlock). That meant my follower roster was on the lower side once Deathrokk hit 100. I decided to pick up the Inn and buff that bad boy to lv 2. Treasure Hunter trait! MOAR MUNNIES!

Now that I had the Inn, I thought to myself “Self, you wanted an excuse to run dungeons. Do the Inn daily quests.”

But the queues?

“Yeah yeah. Let’s look at some of the perks though. If you do ten of the quests, you’ll unlock the Level Three Inn and get Treasure Hunter missions. You’ll also get some practice running tougher content, and maybe step up into raiding. LFR at least.”


“There’s also some pretty sweet upgrades and toys that could spice things up.”

Spice things up? What kind of toys are you talking about? Nipple clamps and feathers?

“Never mind. Now come on. What’s the worst thing that can happen?”

When drinking problems go too far.

Sometimes waiting around at the Inn isn’t the worst thing. What you do there, is.

Well okay. I pulled a couple of the quests hopped into the queue.

What the F....

What the F….


I popped into Skyreach. I ran the instance, killed the end boss… but where the Hell was this Sky Crystal I was supposed to pick up? Wowhead claimed the crystal was sitting on the table just after the first boss. Strange. I read a bit further and Ta Daaaaa!


Okay, okay. Deathrokk hopped into the Proving Grounds and got Silver. Should be fine for Heroics.

Damn fine, I must say.

Damn fine, I must say.

Now it was just a matter of picking the right dungeons to –




Well I was almost there. I could just queue up for a regular dungeon, maybe get a gear upgrade and some experience running the dungeons before I stepped into Heroics. I’d just queue up and…



I understand now why all of this is associated with the Inn. I need a drink.

Leveling Alts in WoD


Garrisons and alts go together like a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

Master Rokk here, and I have a quick tip for those of you who aren’t quite sick to death with the mini-game of Sims that we like to call World of Garrisoncraft.

I’m sure most of us have at least a couple of level 90 characters. If not, welcome back to WoW because you must have left the game about a year into Mists of Pandaria. Damn that expansion was around forever. How did people kill time if they weren’t jacking up a small army of alt characters?

Anyway, grab any of your level 90 toons that you may want to level at some point and start them off on the Draenor storyline. Run them through it until you reach the point where they have their very own garrison and a follower (you can get a second follower by doing the Ashran storyline which takes all of five minutes, and a third follower as a reward during your first few follower missions). That should have taken maybe 90 minutes to two hours. At that point, you can leave your alt and start the process again on another 90, go back to your main, or get up and do some squats. Look, do what you want with your time. I won’t judge. Just remember to come back and check on your alt from time to time, taking about five minutes to send their few followers off on missions and collecting their garrison resource cache.

You may ask why go through all this effort when you could have just left them in Panda Land? Well…

1) Your alt will get rested XP just by hanging around the garrison. Once you’re ready to start leveling them up, they’ll have a nice bonus XP buffer.
2) The garrison resource cache fills up every day with over 100 garrison resources. That gives you enough to buy a 20% XP buff potion every day. Again, when it is time to level up you can grab several of these things to speed up the process.
3) Your alt may only have 2-3 followers, but over time their mission rewards will add up. We’re talking rewards like XP for the alt, a chunk of gold, garrison resources, and gear for both the alt and the followers.

And there you have it. Give your alt their own place to live instead of sponging off you and your main. Let them earn their own keep without the nuisance of actually playing them.

Best Garrison Buildings for Alts

Behind every great main there’s an army of alts being horribly neglected and abused.

Master Rokk here. Blizzard was kind enough to make the leveling process much less painful this time around. They also gave us little to do outside of raiding once we reached 100, other than knock the dust off an alt and start that ten level beating all over again. Sometimes, like a form of Stockholm Syndrome, the leveling abuse makes us more sympathetic to our secondary character. Next thing we know, that alt who used to be just a profession mule is suddenly kind of fun to play. Too bad our main is geared better, or has more garrison resources, or is just not ready to become an alt.

A proper garrison for an alt could alleviate a great deal of that.

SignsOfKelani created a video that outlines what he claims is the best garrison setup for alts. While there may be no right or wrong answer as far as garrisons go, this comes up with quite a few that seem right. So maybe there is a right answer. Let’s not get too in-depth into this. It’s for an alt. If the toon was worth that much forethought, they’d be a main.

If you’re going to have an army of second stringers, they don’t have to be geared as second stringers. Keep them ready, build their hopes up, and maybe one day they will be the character called up to run a heroic dungeon. Or raid. Or just be really geared for farming transmog gear and cloth from old content. But, like, do it really well.

WoD Legendary Ring

I’ve read on twitter (@Rokkfu for those not in the know) that many people out there are floored with a nasty cold that seems to be making its rounds across the globe. Turns out that I am not immune to this virus, which means that either a) my jet-flyin’, limousine ridin’ ways are catching up to me, or b) this virus is taking steroids and I demand that it be piss-tested immediately.

In any case, between that and us being short-handed at work (which necessitates me being there), my blog posts have been somewhat less than what they used to be. Couple that with the fact that I don’t have a whole bunch of playtime and it’s hard to come up with content because I’m still going through it.

But I have seen the future, and it is a ring. A Legendary Ring. The first Legendary anything I might actually attempt to get my hands on, or in this case, get on my hands. Once again, Bajheera provides knowledge to go with that beard. Today, that knowledge is the Quest for the Legendary Ring.