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Sixteen Garrison Followers


… And Rokkspawn makes my 20th character at Level 100. What the Hell is wrong with me!

I can’t explain why I needed to level another character to 100. Faulty wiring in my head, OCD issues, I have no idea. I’d tried using the Legion Invasions to level a Pandaren Warrior, but after taking him from 61 to 78 I just couldn’t do it anymore. I didn’t have a Demon Hunter on this particular server, so I thought I’d give it a try.

In two hours, I’d leveled him from 98-100, got him a few pieces of Invasion gear, got a Level 2 garrison, and started some buildings. Not sure I’m going to need to get the garrison to Level 3. But I did start the ball rolling.

Now I’m not very focused on going far with my garrison since Legion drops in just under two weeks. I wouldn’t mind getting some use out of my follower missions. The best way to do that is by getting a bunch of followers. But how does one go about doing something like that? Once again, MadSeason comes up big with a video outlining an easy way to pick up 16 garrison followers in about two hours.

Check it out, and consider yourself educated. Now go start that garrison that you’re probably going to abandon in a couple of weeks!

Easy Garrison Followers

Between leveling from 90 to 100 in the time it takes for a burrito fart to dissipate in a room, and Blizzard opting to let you buy a jacked up level 100 because how many times can you level a toon through the same content (the answer is 15), it’s fairly easy to neglect certain aspects of your garrison.

The garrison. You know, the thing that was originally considered “optional” but became the cornerstone of an entire expansion? The thing that became a license to print free gold, and in some cases, allowed you to pay for your monthly subscription? Well, for that to happen you want to send out as many followers as you can on garrison missions. Usually you can pick up followers through questing and a level 2 inn. But when you fly through the content, you’re going to be woefully undermanned as far as followers go. You’ll want to pick up a few easy to obtain followers to help get you started.

Well thanks to the video created by studen albatroz, here’s eight followers you can swoop in and pick up with little or no effort at all. He actually missed a couple, so (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) read the Youtube comments for more helpful information.



Best Garrison Follower Team

Me love it when plan comes together.

Me love it when plan comes together.

In the Warlords of Draenor expansion, a crack commando unit was developed by a military leader to help fight a war against the Iron Horde. These men soon realized that Lore be damned, this was all about the phat loots. So today they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them….maybe you can hire The Super Team.

When it comes to garrison followers, it’s nice to have an A-Team, a Super Team, that you can count on. A team of specialists that will 100% any follower mission your garrison can throw at you. When it comes to free raid gear, or a pile of apexis crystals, you want a team that’ll go out there and bring back the goods… damn near every time.

But how? How?

Step 1 – Recruit

Some followers are born great, and others have greatness thrust upon them. To make this team, you’re going to need the former. Time to get a bit racist, but in a good and non-oppressive way.

Select three followers from these racial types:

  • Mechanical: Ziri’ak, Pleasure-Bot
  • Arakkoa: Dawnseeker Rukaryx, Talonpriest Ishaal, Talon Guard Kurekk
  • Ogre: Blook, Dagg, Tormmok
  • Wildling: Goldmane, Leorajh, Meatball

I normally go with Pleasure-Bot (Mechanical), Blook or Tormmok (Ogre), and Leorajh or Goldmane (Wildling). These three are the easiest to get, since they’re just standing around various corners of Draenor with their thumbs in their butts until you wander along and recruit them.

They’ll do, is what I’m saying here.

Step Two – Training

You’re going to need two of Winning With Wildlings, Grease Monkey Guide, Guide to Arakkoa Relations, or Ogre Buddy Handbook consumable items, depending on the three followers you selected. The beauty of the system is now you can select where to put the trait when you train them. In the past, there was a chance that one racial affinity could overwrite another through pure random bad luck. Not anymore. Now you can select which ones your followers will have.

Mechanical: Wildling and Ogre

Wildling: Mechanical and Ogre

Ogre: Mechanical and Wildling.

By setting up your followers in this way, these three will be all you’ll need to knock out those tough garrison missions. That means more room for Treasure Hunters. Cha-ching!

Garrison Scavenger Team

This place looks like it was built by scavengers.

This place looks like it was built by scavengers.


Everyone likes gold. Can’t ever get enough of it. But in Warlords of Draenor, garrison resources are a currency unto itself. You can’t run missions without it. It’s what gets buildings built and upgraded in your garrison. Et cetera, et cetera.

When it comes to your elite team of garrison followers, it never hurts to have a couple three four Scavenger followers to help bring in some of those sweet sweet resources. So you better make sure that if they’re taking up a spot on your starting lineup, they’ve got the skills to get the job done.

Speaking of min-maxing ubermensch, the folks over at MMO-Champion sat down and weighed stats, crunched numbers, and did what they do. What they came up with is a list of effective ability counters for Scavenger followers, from best to absolutely horrible.

Group Damage: 261.08

Massive Strike: 238.83

Magic Debuff: 197.75

Danger Zones: 173.08

Timed Battle: 160.83

Minion Swarms: 113.33

Powerful Spell: 93.75

Wild Aggression: 63.33

Deadly Minions: 0

So if you’re shopping for Scavenger followers, use this list to tell the difference between a prime rib follower and a follower that’s pure hot dog meat. That’s right, nothing but lips and arseholes.

Bodyguard Reputation Farming

Bodyguards know about shrinkage, right?

Bodyguards know about shrinkage, right?

Running around as a Blood Death Knight has certain perks. Things like being nigh unkillable in PVE content as long as I don’t do something incredibly stupid. Bringing along a Bodyguard follower to throw in some deeps isn’t really a bad idea either.

But like any relationship, it takes work. You haven’t built that rapport with your Bodyguard yet, so you’re not getting the best they have to offer. They’re going to hold back a bit. But once you build that bond, they start to open up a bit more.

Unlike a regular relationship, you can fast-track through the courtship phase and get right into them goodies.

I’ve got two places I like to take my Bodyguard to build that bond.

The first, and I think the best, is the Burning Front in Talador. There are little gateways that demons are constantly pouring out of. Just set up in front and start killing. I got the 10k rep to take my Bodyguard reputation from Rank 1 to Rank 2 in 35 minutes. Probably could have gone faster but I was feeling lazy. So I just put on some music and did the damn thing.

ZaFrostPet over on Youtube made a short video about the spot, so enjoy it won’t you?

The second place is in Nagrand. Now this spot is less about grinding rep and more about grinding gold. The respawns are fewer and not quite as fast. But the mobs are higher level, and have a chance to drop some good AH items. Thirty minutes here only got me about 2500 rep, but I probably made around 600 gold in AH stuff and vendor items.

Oldbess has a video that outlines the joys and sorrows of this spot. You should watch it. For reelz.

Those are the two spots I like to use. Do you have any places where you go to grind follower rep?