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My Road to Gold

I have come to the point in the expansion that many of us arrive at when we hit the content like a starving person at an all-you-can-eat buffet.  I’m stuffed. Full. Pushing myself away from the table, and the mere sight of food makes me queasy.

Same with Legion. I’m at the point where Blizzard’s normal carrots really aren’t that appealing to me. I don’t have a Legendary, but then I don’t feel I need one. My iLevel is 852 on my main, which is good enough for the World Quests and Heroic Dungeons that I run. I raid in LFR, and most of that gear isn’t really an upgrade. I’ve levelled four characters to 110, which has now burned me out on running any more toons through the content unless I absolutely have to.

This morning, I got this.



Next stop – Flight… eventually?



So now, the final motivational grind has been achieved, or at least the first part of it. The pinnacle of the PVE, non-raiding content has been conquered. So… now what?

Well, I did what many of us do when we’re in this kind of situation.  I made shit up.

I decided to start a Demon Hunter on a new server, with no starting capital. I wanted to see how much gold I could make in a week. Levelling was not a major concern after getting his artifact weapon. Any XP gained was incidental, not intentional.

One of the main reasons I wanted to go with a DH was his mobility. When you’re running around killing things, the faster you can get around, the better. Also, by the time you finish running through your starting zone you’re level 100. Hit that current content, yo.

So after leaving the starting zone, getting his professions (Skinning and Herbalism), and picking up his artifact, I was ready to go. After setting up my grinding/farming route, I found that I could run in end-to-end in about 30 minutes. I selected spots that were either on (or very close to) flight paths to keep things moving quickly. I’d land, kill, loot, then mount up and continue on my way.

If I was fluent in Youtube, I’d make a video outlining the route. I’m passable with Paint Shop Pro, so I’ll make a map instead.


I won’t go into great detail since this might only help those with Herbalism and/or Skinning, but there are a few things here that help even if you don’t have those professions.

  • Azurewing Repost: Leyblood (In the cave, kill the fishy-looking mana worm things)
  • Starsong Refuge: Dreamleaf & Yseralline Seed (Herbalists, kill the plants and trees and Herb them), Mossgill Perch (Fish ’em up)
  • Snowblind Mesa: Highmountain Salmon (Fishing), Stormscale (Skinners skin the lizards)
  • Optional – Nesingwary: Plenty of animals there for skinning and meat. I tend not to go there simply because it’s a popular quest hub, which can mean waiting around for respawns. But it doesn’t hurt to stop there if you have the time.
  • The Witchwood: Savage Leather & Big Gamy Ribs (Kill the boars, skin and loot)
  • Shipwreck Cove: Foxflower (Herbalists), Black Barracuda (Fishing)

What makes this so valuable? Well, if you’ve got Herbalism you can pick up some very valuable herbs. If you have Skinning, you can grab plenty of animal skins on this route. If you have neither, looting things like Leyblood and Big Gamy Ribs can still be profitable as cooking mats that can be used to make valuable stat food. Same goes for fishing – stat foods, and not many people are doing it.

Does it work? It naturally depends on the server market, but I ran it for a week and managed to come away with about 23000 gold. Thirty minutes a day and I could make enough gold for a WoW Token a month.

Have you found a sweet farming spot you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below if there’s a spot you like to use to make good.

Rokk out!


Gold Farming in Everbloom

With Legion just around the corner (OMG less than a month), people have started looking to the future. Old raids are getting nerfed, treasure potions and getting gutted, so what’s left? Turns out quite a bit.

Oldbess dropped some knowledge, and hopefully this spot doesn’t get hit with the nerf bat too. These kinds of spots are my favorites in that they’re instanced, so you don’t have to compete with anyone else and can take your time farming. It’s one that you can do now, but it’ll be even better once you cap out in Legion.


After watching this video, I decided to give it a try (as I like to do). Problem being, I’m not a Heroic raider so my gear iLevel is nowhere near what Oldbess was running at. He was about iLevel 720, where my Blood DK offspec was sitting around 695. Trying this would be suicide, no?

I said Blood DK. #DeathGripCity, bitches!

I tried a couple of packs, nothing crazy. I survived the pulls, but I could see how a higher iLevel (or actual tanking gear, rather than my DPS gear in a tank spec) might make more of a difference. The gold potential is definitely here, and it will only get better with Legion.

Ruins of Kra’nak Farming

Oh hello Internet. I didn’t see you there. Please, have a seat and let’s talk about garrisons.

Wait! Come back! There’s gear in it for you! Yeah, that’s right. Phat loots.

A bit of backstory then. My monk, the latest casualty in the Quest To Find Stuff To Do, dinged 100. As luck would have it, I had saved enough garrison resources and gold that I was able to pump my garrison to Level Three. Naturally, getting that involved a lot of flying around and scooping up caches, killing rare mobs, and so on. Doing that left me somewhat resource starved, prohibiting me from building other, uh, buildings. So the plan would be to get back in the air, fly around looking for treasures, and hope for the best.

There’s that, and then there’s Option B.

Option B involved Tanaan Jungle, a stable, and a realm-hopping addon.

At 94, Rokkfu (the monk in question) boosted the garrison to Level Two. Since the building doesn’t have much leveling use, or any serious use until it’s at Level Three, Rokkfu ditched the Barracks and got a Stable instead. This let him travel around Draenor, picking up treasures and such without having to dismount. Living that Druid Life, you might say.

Now here’s where we get into l33t strats. At 100, Rokkfu got himself to Tanaan Jungle and established his base. From there, he hopped on his flying frisbee and flew to the Ruins of Kra’nak. There are a number of treasures there in the form of purple glowing crystals. Some are on the ground, some on the sides of pillars. These can be snatched up quickly without having to sweat mobs due to the Stables non-needing-to-dismount-to-loot ability. Generally these crystals give garrison resources, but they can also reward baleful gear.

Once the ruins have been picked clean, hop over to a new realm and fly through it again. Rinse and repeat until bags are full, resources are capped, or boredom makes you want to peel your fingernails off.

TL; DR – Watch SteveInSocks’S video where he explains pretty much what I just said. Oh, and he also has Tomtom waypoints that show the spawn points.

Epic Music Mix of Epic Action Hybrid

Whether I’m queued for a raid, a dungeon, or just mindlessly farming to pay for my crack World of Warcraft habit, the last thing I want is for my brain to start putting two and two together and realizing that what the hell am I doing with my life.

Therefore, music!

This video is a great compilation in that the beat is fast and strong, the visuals are just damn impressive (but should be irrelevant because I’m playing a game and this should be in the background), and it is just intense enough for my higher brain functions to be able to switch between thumping beats and complex combat sequences (in-game of course).


Do you have a soundtrack that you listen to when you’re grinding apexis crystals, farming rep, or whatever it is that you do in whatever game you’re playing? Leave your jam (or a link to said jam) in the comments below. Who knows, maybe that comment may change someone’s life. Or heck, get you entered in a draw for something. Stranger things have happened.

Bodyguard Reputation Farming

Bodyguards know about shrinkage, right?

Bodyguards know about shrinkage, right?

Running around as a Blood Death Knight has certain perks. Things like being nigh unkillable in PVE content as long as I don’t do something incredibly stupid. Bringing along a Bodyguard follower to throw in some deeps isn’t really a bad idea either.

But like any relationship, it takes work. You haven’t built that rapport with your Bodyguard yet, so you’re not getting the best they have to offer. They’re going to hold back a bit. But once you build that bond, they start to open up a bit more.

Unlike a regular relationship, you can fast-track through the courtship phase and get right into them goodies.

I’ve got two places I like to take my Bodyguard to build that bond.

The first, and I think the best, is the Burning Front in Talador. There are little gateways that demons are constantly pouring out of. Just set up in front and start killing. I got the 10k rep to take my Bodyguard reputation from Rank 1 to Rank 2 in 35 minutes. Probably could have gone faster but I was feeling lazy. So I just put on some music and did the damn thing.

ZaFrostPet over on Youtube made a short video about the spot, so enjoy it won’t you?

The second place is in Nagrand. Now this spot is less about grinding rep and more about grinding gold. The respawns are fewer and not quite as fast. But the mobs are higher level, and have a chance to drop some good AH items. Thirty minutes here only got me about 2500 rep, but I probably made around 600 gold in AH stuff and vendor items.

Oldbess has a video that outlines the joys and sorrows of this spot. You should watch it. For reelz.

Those are the two spots I like to use. Do you have any places where you go to grind follower rep?