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Easy Timeless Isle Coins

When I first came back to WoW, I read that the place to go to gear up was Timeless Isle. Easy place to go and pick up purples that were quite literally just laying around. Oh, and expect to die once or twice. “Fine,” I said to myself. “I’ve got no issues with dying. Let’s go see about liberating some purple gear from the local inhabitants.”

As advertised, I picked up purples. I also got killed quite a bit. And when I checked my bags to see if that’s where my teeth had ended up, I found a whackload of Timeless Coins. These didn’t impress me since I wasn’t planning on spending any more time on the island than I had to. They impressed me much more once I found a profitable way to use them.

But once all the sweet, sweet coins were gone, then what? Where could I get more of them? I didn’t have the legs for dancing on mailboxes. That’s a young man’s game anyway. I suppose I could check some of the quests the locals were bragging about to pick up more, but that probably meant dealing with those damn elites! Also, I had business elsewhere in the World. Places to go, gold to make. It’s all about the cha-ching, baby. No time for battling such uphill shenanigans when I was on a fixed clock.

That is, until I found a way to make the most of my time. I’m all about making the most of my time.

What I found was Wowfreakstar, his broken English, and a slick way to pick up Timeless Coins.

Easy Timeless Chest Loot

A few weeks ago I took Herculees to Timeless Isle for the first time. I didn’t know much about it except that it was where the cool kids were hanging out, also epic gear fell like rain. Seriously, the stuff was just laying around waiting to get scooped up. I did a cursory search on the Internet to see if Blizzard had truly given up on equipping characters and just said “please wipe your tears away with this purple gear.” It turns out that Timeless Isle was the place to get gear, it was in fact just laying around (in chests), and that I should expect to die alot.

I downloaded locations for the Timeless Chests spread out across the island. With a little bit of hustle, I managed to get to most of them (while dying a few times – even the damn mobs were elite). I picked up quite a few pieces of purple loot, and amassed a few thousand Timeless Coins. I had no idea what I was going to use them for (damn funny money), so I ignored the cash (?!?) and sorted through my epics (!!!). Luckily most of them were plate, and since 90% of the classes I play are Death Knights, that’s a smackload of win.

Then I cam across this video.


I had maybe 5500 Timeless Coins, enough for eleven keys. But with the coins I picked up during my chest opening spree, I probably ended up with closer to twenty keys. And after the smoke had cleared, I ended up with about two hundred Timeless coins, no Pet, and four epic pieces of gear.

Leather pieces of gear.

Go figure. I just happen to know a guy who may need an epic shirt.