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Table-Sized Dungeon Map for a Dollar

These days, folks tend to run their tabletop RPG maps in a digital format. Maybe they’re playing over Roll20, or they have a TV or giant monitor that they use to project their maps. But what does one do when they have a map so big, so epic, that it simply cannot be contained on a screen?

The Miniature Mash-Up Youtube channel just may have the answer you’re looking for. Inexpensive, practical, and quick to put together!

How to Build Thanos

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… the end of it. At least, when it comes to this year – 2020 hasn’t been as fantastic as some may have thought. Sure the tabletop crew thought 2020 meant Double Crits y’all. Who knew it meant double crits against us.

Speaking of cosmic forces laying waste to humanity, Tulok the Barbarian created a build for the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. This build was for Dungeons and Dragons 5e, but it’s easy enough to use the flavor and mechanics for this and turn this into a Pathfinder build. Something for everyone! Perfectly balanced, as all things should be…

So join me, won’t you, and celebrate the end of 2020 with a snap of the fingers.

DnD – Writers Edition

With NaNoWriMo just over a month away, I thought I’d share this video from Mann Shorts that touches on two of my favorite things – RPG’s and Writing! It’s like a reality sandwich of dice rolling and disappointment!

Second Darkness – Episode 71

Ever so close to the end, the Guardians of Golarion gamble on making a big push to deactivate not one, but two of the protective focus glyphs so that they may take down Lasdolon, the Master Glyph, and save the world of Golarion from destruction!

But first, before they save anything, they must do two important things:

  1. Deactivate the Glyph of Defense and the Glyph of Fury.
  2. Don’t die.

Well, one out of two ain’t bad…

Here’s Second Darkness, EPISODE 71!

How to run Large RPG Groups

I like my players.

I do. Honest. Probably because we’re all related.

But as much as I may love my family/players, they can sometimes be a sharp knife to the ol’ buttcramp. Reading that back, the prior sentence doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense but the caffeine has kicked in and I’m on a roll. Also, you get my meaning (not to mention a painfully awkward visual. You’re welcome).

My standard group is five people, six on the off-chance my cousin can free up his schedule and join us. Now five players is a good size for a group. Some might say it’s a touch large, with four players being the standard. Five players is just large enough for things to get a big bogged down during encounters, and when you want to get things moving it can drag sessions to a grinding halt.

But what to do? How does one handle larger number of players at the table? I know many Dungeon Masters who would kill for that kind of problem, but when you have something planning at the end of the dungeon and it takes several sessions to get there, momentum gets crushed into the dust.

Luckily, Professor DungeonMaster from Dungeon Craft created a video covering this very subject. In said video, he discusses tips on how to run groups of five or more players effectively.

Hells to the Yes, says I. And a polished red apple for the Professor!

(Editor’s Note: See, back in the day, students would show their appreciation for their teachers by presenting them with a piece of fruit, specifically an apple.)

By the Gods, I’m old. Look, just watch the video and give the Professor a Like, a Thumbs Up, or whatever Youtube has to show appreciation.

Do eet…