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Patch 5.4 – Unholy Death Knight DPS

As Preach himself states, the Unholy Death Knight is one of the most unchanged specs in the game. It’s consistant, it’s great, and it works. I personally don’t play Unholy, but I think I might give it a try.

It feels like I probably should have posted this on Friday the 13th. Bit more of a haunted, zombie-like feel to the class. But enough of my words. Here’s words from Preach, and those words are gospel. Enjoy!

Patch 5.4 – Frost Death Knight DPS

Ah, the joy of getting up to speed when one has been away for so long. It’s like waking from a coma and picking up an old newspaper, boggling at stuff that people today would simply yawn at. Not quite the case when one talks about Death Knights though. Honestly, I think Blizzard got this class very right. They seldom make big changes to the Death Knight, a minor tweak here and there at best.

Still, I’m relearning everything so I might as well start from scratch. And who better to learn from that Preach over at Preach Gaming. The man plays all classes, and plays them well. More importantly, he instructs very well too. So I was very happy to see that he’d posted a recent (Nov 2013?!) update on the Death Knights. It’s Patch 5.4, probaby the last major patch update until 6.0 drops.

Speaking of dropping, here’s the Preacher Man dropping knowledge on Frost Death Knights.