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The Last Laugh

There are times when it pays to play Horde.

My Belf Demon Hunter took a step back in time and started working on the Laughing Skull Orc rep in Draenor. The Lsorc(?) rep was hanging out in the Trading Post, so why not grind up the rep and get some cool transmog masks?

Why not indeed.

Grinding the rep out in The Pit was a cakewalk, and once he reached Revered he picked up a couple of the available masks the vendor had locked away. But hiding behind the Exalted tag was a grinning skull mask with gold highlights, as well as a title. The title was a worthy goal, since masks are cool and everyone enjoys a good belly chuckle now and then. And the mask? A skull, and gold. Two of my favorite things.

I got back at it, and this morning I notched another thing of my To Do list:

  • Earn Exalted status with the Laughing Skull Orcs.

A few more sheckles of gold and he’ll have his new mask, but for now my boy Scaredevil will just have to live with being the Masked Chuckler.

I swear, he becomes more of a Luchador every day.




Rokk Talk – Casual Heroes


My Demon Hunter has been getting a lot of airtime lately.


I’ve been playing (and loving) Death Knights since Wrath of the Lich King. In fact, of the nineteen characters I had at level cap in WoD, eight of them were DK’s. When I switched my focus from a Horde guild to an Alliance guild, my main switched from Orc DK to Human DK. I dig the class, is what I’m saying.

So why am I playing my Demon Hunters all the time now?

That’s right. Demon Hunters. As in plural. I’ve got my Horde DH gearing up at 110, and I’m leveling my Alliance DH. My DK main, Rokkthor, still gets some attention now and then. I’ve run a couple of Mythic + dungeons with him, and he put up respectable DPS numbers despite only having an 850’ish iLevel.

But lately, when I log into WoW, I’m looking at my DH at the Character Select screen. When I research Transmog gear, I’m looking at Leather armor. It’s not even a balancing act between characters, or factions. I’ve forsaken one Hero Class for another. What I’m trying to figure out is why?

  • They move to thrill. They dash. Double jump. Oh and don’t get me started on the joy of gliding. I glide so damn much now that I’ve killed my DK by jumping off a cliff out of habit and spamming my space bar to pop my non-existent wings. If he could shit in my RL shoes, I’m sure he would by now. Demon Hunters are dynamic, which is a nice change of pace from the usual style of melee DPS I’m used to – stare at the ass of the dungeon/raid boss and try to stab it to death.
  • I’m finished with the DK. When I say finished, I don’t mean that I’m done with playing the class. Not at all. But at this stage of the expansion, I just don’t feel motivated to play my  DK. At least, not in a meaningful way. He’s pretty much as geared as he can get without running Mythic dungeons, or getting into a serious (or at least non-LFR) raid team. Now that I’ve done a couple of Mythics, I’m confident I could run them successfully if my goal was to fatten up my iLevel. I’ve gotten the sweet class title, so the Order Hall questline is done as far as I’m concerned. World Quests don’t offer much except gold and AP. I’ve maxed out the Artifact Research I can do, but other than capping all the artifact talents I’d just be playing for the sake of playing. I’ve even completed all the prerequisites for unlocking flight that I can do. There’s no reason to better Rokkthor any more than he is currently. If I was raiding or pushing cutting edge content, then maybe. I’m just not there. There are other characters who need gear and artifact power. Characters who can benefit from my attention.
  • Class motivation. I think most people who play World of Warcraft are familiar with Twitch streamer, Youtube creator, and PVPer / Bodybuilder / eSports Announcer, Bajheera. Watch his Twitch stream and feel the enthusiasm he has for his Warrior. It’s infectious. He got me interested in PVP back in the day and has more than once motivated me to blow the dust off my Warrior and wreck faces. Death Knights don’t really have that name associated with the class like Baj is with Warriors. Hazzed is a Frost DK that I follow and he has a fairly strong presence on Youtube (32,000 subs and counting). But as far as a breakout Twitch personality that brings eyes to the class, there really doesn’t seem to be one. Demon Hunters, however, have Fragnance. He’s the Twitch streamer from the EU who actually blazed to 110 in just over five hours with a Havoc DH when Legion launched. He mains a DH in Serenity, a group of raiders who felt that the raiding powerhouse Method was just too warm and fuzzy for their liking and split off to do their own thing. That probably isn’t entirely accurate, because I don’t follow the bleeding edge raiding scene and can’t be bothered to research it more thoroughly, but the point is that Fragnance has an entertaining stream, is a damn fine player who plays the snot out of his DH. His 64000 followers on Twitch is a testament to his success, and I have yet to find a DK with numbers like that

Will my Death Knight regain my love and attention? Yeah, probably. But for now, I’m looking to tear things up with my flapping bat-elf thing of death. From one Hero Class to another, and back again.



Soon… ™…


Level Headed



There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

That’s a figure of speech and not an open admission of sadism. I feel like I need to clarify that sort of thing because this is the Internet after all and some of you are pretty twisted.

Not me, though. Nope. Right as rain here.

Of course, that gets called into question when I decide to level another alt to 110. To be fair, it didn’t start off that way. At first, it was just an experiment to see how much gold I could make on a new server. I had a boosted toon on a Horde server, but rather than level up yet another DK I decided that my farming toon would be a Demon Hunter. No twinking, no locking his level. Just run my farming route and let nature take its course.

Now my DH is 110 with an iLevel of 822. It’s been fun, so I’ll probably finish off his Class quest, get him his Slayer title, and then call the experiment complete. I have to admit, I actually enjoyed leveling this time around. Probably because I didn’t do it the way I did over the past four toons. I learned a few things, and if I level another character I may do this again.

What did I do? What did I not do?

  • I didn’t follow the zone storylines. Been there, done that four times already. Wasn’t excited to do it for a fifth. Not entirely, anyway. My priority with my DH was as a farming character, and that’s what I did. Grinding mobs. Picking flowers. I focused on that, and every quest that did not involve doing something involving the lore/zone storylines. I did the Profession quests. Order Halls.  Class quests. I snagged his other artifact weapon just for the XP.  
  • Zone storyline quests fill in the gaps. Two things suffer when you level outside the main quest lines – your artifact power and your gear. I got a little bit of each from completing the occasional random dungeon, but it wasn’t until I started doing the zone storylines that I started getting some meat on those bare bones. Mind you, I was already 108 when I started pushing zone content for the fifth time. But even those two zones that I did run were enough to get me a respectable iLevel by the time I reached 110.
  • PVP paid off. I’d queue up for dungeons while I was leveling, but it wasn’t until level 108 before I even considered dipping my toe into queueing for random BG’s. I could select two that would not be up for random selection, and the wait time was shorter than dungeons. I was surprised by how much XP I was being awarded for winning. I didn’t pull exact numbers, which could be reason enough for me to lean this way if I level another character. The gift box at the end of the BG also had the potential to provide artifact power, gear, or gold. If and when I level up another character, I may start this a bit sooner and take note of the spoils of victory.

Like I said, I’m still working on Captain Demon Hunter. He’s not quite finished his class quest. But while he may not be a Slayer yet, he was killing the content in his own way. Get it? Slayer? Killing the content?

JOKES, people.
Also, Happy Holidays.

One Month Later



I know life can get pretty hectic, but not updates in over a month? Unacceptable. It’s not like I haven’t been playing. Tell you what, I’ll fill you in on what I’ve been doing. At the end, I’ll add a cool Demon Hunter tip that I discovered. Sound fair? Groovy.

Okay, so, updates in the past month:

  • I dinged 110 on my Pandaren Hunter. That’s my third character at level cap. This one was more out of frustration because Blizzard decided to change the prerequisites for the guild achievement “Stay Classy.” My guild is pretty small, so any race/class combo we can get checked off was an accomplishment. Prior to patch 7.1, you just needed a character at level 85 (90 for Pandarens – racists), and Honored rep with the guild. We had that for a number of combos, and only needed about eight more to unlock the guild bank tab we’ve been working toward for quite some time. However, after the patch, you needed classes at “Max Level.” To make matters worse, many of the combos we’d already completed were reset. So instead of needing about eight more characters leveled up, we now needed 25 or so. Pandaren Hunter was one I had been working on, so I took him to cap. Not sure if I’ll run through with my Dwarf Warrior, or take another DK through.
  • My Demon Hunter twink has been tearing up everything in front of him. He’s been great for gold making, gathering up herbs and skins and so on. Now that I’ve got some raid food recipes unlocked, he’s gathering up mats for that as well. Plus, I had him tanking for my guild (LOVE the content adjusting to levels, so a 101 can group with 110’s). He didn’t even have his tanking artifact weapons, and he tore it up like a boss. Say what you will, DH’s are not #SAWFT.
  • My Death Knight? Yeah, I’ve given him a bit of love too. But honestly, other than grinding rep so he’s ready to unlock flight when the time comes, I’m not sure how much further he’ll go. I do have to run through his profession quests, so that’ll probably be my focus with him. There’s gold to be had there, and I do loves me some gold.

That’s been my month. Now, about that tip…

How to Demon Hunter on ANY Server

Demon Hunters, being the new Hero Class, are currently locked behind restrictions. Those restrictions being:

  1. Only one DH per server.
  2. You must have a Level 70 character on that server before you can start a new DH.

But what if you want to start a Demon Hunter on a new server? Do you have to transfer a Level 70 character over, just to start a DH? Or do you start a DK, grind him up to 70, then park him so you can get your DH groove on?

Turns out, nah to both.

  1. Create a new character. Doesn’t matter what, you won’t be playing it.
  2. At the top of the screen where it says “Character Type”, select “Class Trial”. Select any race and class. Again, doesn’t matter what you pick because you won’t be playing it.
  3. Once the character is made and the boost is applied, you now have a temporary Level 100 character on that server. If you don’t log it in, it’ll sit there indefinitely.
  4. After that, you are free to create your Demon Hunter.


Hope this helps!  Rokk out!




Demon Hunter PvP in Legion Alpha

Demon Hunters will be the new hotness at the launch of Legion. They are the new “hero” class with all sorts of interesting abilities, not to mention the sexy tattoos and horns. The question is – just how cool and fun, etc, are these DH’s going to be when they step into a Battleground at end game? How will Demon Hunters hold up against various other classes in PvP?

As a surprise to no one, Bajheera took a level 110 Demon Hunter out for a PvP spin and I think he feels they’re all right. Maybe. Check out his video and decide for yourself.