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Danger Club – Episode 89



Having played his best hand early, Engarthis now faces the full power of The Danger Club! They still need to find a way out of the Temple however and the situation is getting more complicated by the second!

Danger Club – Episode 88



Close to death and with their backs to the wall, The Club throw everything they have at Engarthis and his bodyguards. Meanwhile Dan rapidly regrets buying a dice rolling app.

Oddly enough, I have the very same dice rolling app. Or I did until this episode…

Danger Club – Episode 87



The jig is finally up as Engarthis catches The Club red pawed. Now they’re face to face with one of the most dangerous opponents they’ve ever faced. Good thing Drum has a plan…


Danger Club – Episode 86



The New Year has been quite interesting. Between work, and the flu that knocked me on my ass (and I rarely get sick), my little gaming blog has been slacking. World of Warcraft has left me quite meh and uninterested. Pathfinder schedules have been tough, and for January we only got together for one session (that we managed to spread out over two days).

However, the Danger Club has remained strong. Enjoy Episode 86 of the Danger Club Podcast, Mouse of Cards!

As the Club’s cover begins to fall apart they are forced to take a drastic step in order to stay alive. Right now the slightest error could bring everything crashing down and things are about to get even more complicated!

Danger Club – Episode 81



Trapped in a pit with a giant snake and only a bottle of wine to defend himself, Karagor must hold out until the rest of the Club can get to him! Will the snake get wined or will Karagor just get dined? Let the claret flow! Also there’s DIY with Folton.