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Best Mount for Warlords of Draenor


I’m not exactly what you’d call a mount collector. Oh sure, I picked up most of the easy faction mounts to grab a few achievement points back in the day. But these days, I’m not about to camp a rare mob for hours just for bragging rights. If I’m going out of my way to get a mount, it better be for more than just eye candy.

Take the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth for example. It’s got vendors you can sell to, buy a Tome of the Clear Mind to change glyphs, and carry multiple players on (if you so choose). I still have it hotkeyed on my action bar. I don’t ride it, but if I need Tomes at least it’s handy.

Try finding a parking spot for this beast.

Not that handy when you’re trying to find a parking spot at the mall.

I’d been hearing chatter from the Warlords of Draenor beta, regarding mounts. It’s common knowledge that there is no flying in WoD. This information comes as a complete shock to no one. Blizzard never allows flying for a patch or two, before eventually making it available at level cap.

However there is a mount that has been suggested as one of the better ones until flying becomes available. Since many of the questing hubs and zones are separated by water (or so I’m told since I’m kinda beta-light), having a mount that can cross water should help to speed up the leveling process.

That means it’s time to grab the Reins of the Azure Water Strider.

Bringing sexy back.

Bringing sexy back.

The catch (har har) is that you need to have Exalted reputation with MoP’s favorite fishermen, The Anglers. According to my math (and by match I mean I plugged in a name for the rep calculator in Wowjutsu) it would take approximately 21 days to go from zero to Exalted. This is assuming you only do the three daily quests available.

Fun fact: You need at least a single level in fishing to get this started.

There’s a questline in Dread Waste that can also get you started. If you are a freshly boosted 90, or didn’t bother starting quests there, you’ll have to unlock it to grab a few thousand rep.

Aside from the three daily quests (1500 rep a day), there’s three other things you can do to speed up the rep gathering.

1) Daily Dungeons – Set the Anglers as your bonus rep, and run the daily Dungeon and Scenario. That’s good for about 500 rep between the two.


2) Hozen Peace Pipe – Farm or buy this bad boy for a one-time buff of 1000 rep for every MoP reputation.

3) Magic Fish – Every day, you have the chance to fish up a, well, a fish. It’s marked as a quest, sending you to Nat Pagle to hand in. You get rep with him (but who cares because screw that guy) and 300 with the Anglers.

Bonus: Commendation with the Anglers – At Revered, you can buy a Bind on Account commendation for the Anglers from Nat Pagle. It gives every character on your account a 100% buff to Angler rep. That makes the final push from Revered to Exalted a little easier. Actually, 100% easier.

My Ambassador is currently sitting at Revered, and I’ve picked up the rep buff commendation. Hopefully I can knock out Exalted and grab the bug mount before Patch 6.0 hits sometime this month. The patch brings class changes, and I’ve got enough on my plate without having to worry about what does what with my class.

The Spectral Wolf

Perhaps you are one of the lucky one million players who have tried out the beta for the upcoming WoW expansion, Mists of Pandaria.  Or perhaps you have mastered the art of looking at words and comprehending their meaning well enough to know what the Hell is being said.  In any case, you might have clued in that Blizzard wants you to see all the new content at ground level, and flying on the new continent will not be allowed until level 90.

Calm down.  Take a deep breath.  We’re all in this together.  I know you’ve been farming flying mounts because they’re a) roughly three times faster than the fastest land mount, and b) you can fly everywhere else in the damn game.  That means that, for five long levels, you will be cruising around Pandaville on a land mount.  So you’d better make damn sure you can stand looking at the mount for five levels.

Enter the Spectral Wolf.

I have actually heard people try to compare the Spectral Wolf to the Celestial Steed for some reason, and the words stomped part of my brain to death.  Sure the sparkle pony was the hotness for all of ten minutes, and it could also double as a land mount in a pinch when it wasn’t busy flying around looking pretentious.  But I’m talking about a Spectral Wolf, not the bastard child of a Twilight vampire and a My Little Pony reject.  Spectral Wolves drag sparkle ponies out to the alley behind Pizza Hut and pimp them out for five bucks and pocket lint.

So much wrong with this picture.

To get your hands on these ghostfaced killers, you need two things.  First, you need to be Exalted with Hellscream’s Reach.  If you run the twelve Tol Barad and Baradin Hold dailies every day, it should take you roughly three weeks to hit Exalted reputation.  That’s twenty-one days of straight-up killing things – people, gators, demons, ghosts, and giants.

Spectral Wolf calls that “a nice start.”

By the time you hit Exalted, you’ll have easily met the second requirement to getting your Wolf – 165 Tol Barad Commendations.  You can use those extra tokens to buy yourself a Tabard (which has a clickable teleport to Tol Barad) or as a headstart in case you want to get the Tol Barad flying mount – Drake of the West Wind.

For now, don’t worry about other purchases.  If you have the rep and the tokens, get one of the best looking land mounts in the game and show that bad boy off.

Beats the Hell out of riding the Swift Springstrider.