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Brawler’s Guild – Rank Three for Death Knights

By this point, I had become adept at killing much like a baby is adept at filling its diapers with green horror-paste. Between the guidance of Icy Veins and my own Death Knightly skillzone, possessing Clockem was inevitable.  All I had to do was get through one last rank of opposition.  That’s all.

But Clockem watched me from the vendor shelf and decided he didn’t want to be my new Fight Friend.  Maybe there was something in my Death Knight’s style that he felt made me unworthy to possess him.  Maybe he saw the madness that possessed my Death Knight when he fought and thought that fighting for a crazy person was no way to go through life, even when that life existed only to fight for crazy people.

Clockem had the industrious notion to make sure he was protected from being Pokemon-napped by executing his own agenda, and that was Operation: Rank Three Will Kick You In The Dick.  This even applies if the one being kicked has no dick to speak of, which reflects the impressive aggression of the plan.

My thought was this:  Bitch, you have spiked boxing gloves on the ends of your life-stealing arms.  You are going to use those gloves to beat rabbits and frogs into bloody pulps, and you will do so for my general amusement.  I will step on the necks of every Rank Three opponent, throw a fistful of coins at the vendor, and Clockem will begin to dine on a full diet of violence and blood.


Rank Three

Blat – Slime.  Unpleasant.  Nasty. Hose yourself off after this fight.  Death Knight feedback:


Sanoriak – This flaming lizard will light you up in short order if you’re not paying attention.  This is a fight about interrupts, movement, and beating this thing down.

Ixx – Theoretically, this bug should be a breeze.  Theoretically, Lindsay Lohan should be in prison until she’s two hundred.

  • Use  Lichborne as your tier 2 talent, since it is the only talent in this tier that will provide you some actual usage during the fight against Ixx. Simply treat Lichborne as a self-healing cooldown, which can be used to extend your survival in the arena by a few seconds.  U
    • se  Death Pact as your tier 4 talent, because the fight against Ixx is short enough that you can make full use of the heal; your ghoul will still be alive when you need the healing from Death Pact. 

    The fight against Ixx is made considerably easier if you use the full combination of offensive cooldowns at the start. Frost Death Knights should use  Army of the Dead,  Raise Dead,  Pillar of Frost, as well as making use of  Empower Rune Weapon to gain an excellent amount of burst DPS.  Unholy Death Knights should use  Army of the Dead,  Unholy Frenzy, as well as making use of  Empower Rune Weapon.To defeat Ixx, simply use all your offensive cooldowns at the start of the fight and DPS the boss while standing still. There is no damage that you can mitigate through  Anti-Magic Shell in this fight. You can use  Icebound Fortitude to reduce the damage you take from melee attacks.


Mazhareen – Another fight that looks simple on paper.  She’s another hockey fight, just straight-up melee.  However, her damage ramps up as he health decreases so skip the foreplay and get right down to business.

There you have it.  If you’ve made it this far, you are now a Rank Four member of the Brawler’s Guild.  Clockem can’t hide any longer.  Come forth, minion, and be counted in the pet stable!

Great.  Just great.

Great. Just great.

Brawler’s Guild – Rank Two for Death Knights


Honk Honk.

What’s that you ask?  That sound would be me tooting my own horn to an obscene degree.  My Death Knight girded his loins and walked through the Rank One opposition without so much as breaking a sweat.  Thanks, Icy Veins (the website, not the ones twisting through my body) for your helpful advice.

With Rank One cinched firmly under my belt, I stepped up for the first fight of Rank Two.  I felt my confidence rise to an absurd level when a cute little penguin named Dippy appeared before me.  I thought that maybe he was the entertainment before the first Rank Two boss stepped out.  But no, apparently he would be the one my Death Knight would be cutting up into steaks.  I almost felt bad for what was about to happen.

A few seconds later, I really did feel bad.  And by “bad” I mean “dead”.  Dippy couldn’t have twisted my shit faster if he’d put it through a blender.  I had just been curb stomped, American History X style, by a bird in a tuxedo.  Back I went to Icy Veins, and this is what I did to get through Rank Two.

Rank Two

Dippy – A cute penguin.  Never trust cute things.  A few tips from various Death Knights:

  • use  Army of the Dead straight away to have as many things beating on him as possible. When that was about to expire, I pulled up my regular ghoul.  I used Blood Boil to keep him at bay – using up Death Runes as well as my blood runes. Other than that… just use Death Strike and  Rune Strikes.
  • As a frost Death Knight with average gear, this fight was fairly easy. I popped  Army of the Dead right when I entered the arena. I Used  Outbreak,  Howling Blast, and  Death Coil when available. I kept slowing him with chains of Ice and just stayed out of his melee range. If you need healing, summon your regular ghoul and use  Death Pact.
  • Most importantly do your best to stay out of range as much as you can.
  • As an Unholy Death Knight, I dropped  Death and Decay, cast  Icy Touch, and hit with  Death Coil, when it was up. Use  Dark Transformation when available and just kite around.



Kirrawk – Chicken man who poops tornadoes and throws lightning.   A tip from a Death Knight on wringing this guy’s neck:

  • Blood DK ILVL 482. Spec Build – 122111. Open with  Outbreak, watch for tornado and dodge accordingly. Go to the boss and  Death StrikeRune Strike. He doesn’t hit hard so  Lightning Bolts are a non-factor with high HP and  Mastery: Blood Shield. My mastery is currently 136% so my average 60k-70k  Death Strikes heal me for 25-40k and absorb over 120k of the next incoming damage. If you face the boss with your back perpendicular to the line of tornadoes (which I noticed were coming from the direction front to back of where the boss enters the arena) the tornado will hit both of you, causing minimal damage to you but keeping you in range to continue beating on the boss. Very easy fight, no cooldowns used, summoned a minion about midway through to speed up the dps and have an emergency death pact if necessary.



Fran and Riddoh – Two for one, and it certainly feels like it.  A tale of how a couple of Death Knights made this combat threesome work:

  •  I play a Blood Death Knight with a gear level of 475 (full gems and enchants). What I did was keep them both diseased with  Blood Plague and  Frost Fever. I brought the big guy down to 1M health, then switched to the little guy and took him to 200k, then switched back to the big guy, dropped him to about 100k, then killed the little guy, then the big one.
  • First of all BOTH of the bosses are attackable at all times, though you will want to kill Riddoh first IMHO. You can use AOE’s and spread diseases and if you do they will be easier to deal with overall.   When you move out of the minefield you will want to look for a gap, the mines are active immediately.  As an Unholy Death Knight, spread your diseases with  Pestilence and drop  Death and Decay. A  Blood Boil or two won’t hurt either. Otherwise a pretty simple fight.



King Kulaka – This big lizard is just a hockey fight.  Drop gloves, grab jersey, throw hands until someone drops.  Feedback from one Death Knight who dropped the King on its Head:

  • I defeated this as a Frost Death Knight, when I had about 485 item level. I just used  Army of the Dead,  Raise Dead,  Pillar of Frost,  Empower Rune Weapon, pre-potted a Strength potion and just killed him. Make sure you are talented into  Death Pact and use that when you get below 50% health. Also remember you can stun him ( Remorseless Winter,  Asphyxiate).  If you’ve done all that but you are still failing, I can only imagine that you’re very under-geared, in which case you could try going Blood.


That’s it for Rank Two.  One more rank to go before Clockem becomes yet another pet in the stable!

Wow.  Can't wait.

Wow. Can’t wait.

Brawler’s Guild – Rank One for Death Knights

Worth the beating?

Worth the beating?


When I was deep into my Pet Battle madness, I was tipped off to the existence of a mechanical gnome pet with spiked boxing gloves.  This vicious contraption was only available through the Brawler’s Guild at Rank 4.  This became my mission.  Clockem would be mine.

Numerous deathmurders later, I decided to look online for anything that could help me get through to Rank 4.  And since of course they would have it, brought the wisdom in a big bad way.  Following their guides, I was able to get myself to Rank 4 without too much of a problem.  There were occasional repeat beatings to my bloody torso, but in the end I peeled Clockem out of their cold dead hands and made him mine.

Thanks to, this is how I did it.  This is how you can do it too.


Rank One

Bruce – A giant gator. Not too tough if you’re paying attention.


Vian the Volatile – Caster dude.  A Death Knight tip for killing this schmuck:

  • Stood toe to toe and interrupted any cast I could. With Fire Line I just move out of the way. If health gets low move away and pop a potion or bandage to get it up enough to continue. Try to position the boss so he does not get hit by the orbs he has bouncing around the room and they miss you as well.


Goredome – He gores you with his dome. A Death Knight tip to cracking this dome:

  • Stand and fight, worry more about the circle on the ground for his charge than anything else. Even if you have a little low DPS you can take this out as long as you don’t get hit by the charge. When the circle is there GET OUT OF IT or you are dead.


Dungeon Master Vishas: Roll a d20 and hope for a crit against this uber nerd and boss mob for Rank One.  A couple of Death Knight tips for victory:

  • You can absorb the fire damage with your  Anti-Magic Shell, generating more and more Runic Power. In case you’re not sure, simply slow / root (depends if you have  Chilblains from your talents) during his buff. Oh, and it’s not dispellable with glyphed  Icy Touch(it is NOT a magic buff).
  • As Unholy Death Knight, get diseases on and kite around, cast  Icy Touch to build Runic Power and then hit with  Death Coil. Drop  Death and Decay whenever available. I do have the  Chilblains talent so Vishas was slowed a bit. Use  Outbreak to refresh diseases when they drop and use  Dark Transformation when available. I did this at about 450 ilvl and, though it was close, it was actually easier than with my warrior as I did not have to stay close.