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Healthy Breakfast in Three Minutes

Breakfast is funny. Not “ha ha” funny, because that just makes it sound like a crazy meal. It’s the most important meal of the day, but the one most often missed. We drag ourselves out of bed, fall headlong into a cup of coffee, and stumble out the front door thankful that we remembered to put on our pants.

Sometimes we go back inside because, well, pants.

Ashley Benson offered up a video of a recipe for a quick breakfast. Like, maybe three minutes kind of quick. More importantly, it’s not only quick but a nutritious breakfast as well. Sure anyone can grab a Pop-Tart to go, but “you are what you eat.” Eat garbage, look like garbage, feel like garbage. Start the day off with something healthy and your day will pick up notably.

Healthy Hotel Breakfast Options

The sultry smile of a woman who enjoys a healthy meal.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Dude, this is some kind of gaming blog. I’m here to read about Death Knights and stabbing shit.” Fair point. However, the “stabbing shit” you should really concern yourself with is that stabbing sensation in your chest when your clogged arteries kill you to Death… in the night. See what I did there? (Yes. And it was terrible — Editor.)

Many of us travel, and in about 140 days a slew of Blizzard gamers will be heading to Blizzcon. A large percentage of them are going to forget about little things like showering (Gamer Funk is real, people.) But there’s no reason to start your day off by filling your personal gas tank with garbage. Most hotels provide a continental breakfast buffet of some kind, and it wouldn’t hurt to take advantage of it. You’re going to be spending your day standing in line or sitting through panels. Might as well do it with something healthy in your system.


Because it can get quite unhealthy in the evenings.

In this article over at, Nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg discusses a few healthy alternatives for the hotel breakfast.

•plain yogurt (prefer it over flavored) with fresh fruit
•oatmeal packet (make with 2% milk or water) and handful of nuts or cinnamon if offered
•2 tbsp. peanut butter + fresh fruit (i.e. banana or apple) OR on toast
•2 hard boiled eggs + fruit
•omelet bar (2 eggs + veggies + cheese OR meat)
•scrambled eggs (1 scoop) plus fruit
•single serve cereal (cheerios or oat bran) with 2% milk. Skip the surgery options!

Your Mom was right – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t screw it up when you’re travelling!