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Blizzcon 2010 – My Thoughts

With the Cataclysm World Events now starting to kick up some dust, it seems a little late to talk about the Blizzcon that was.  Kind of yesterday’s news, so to speak.

I agree.  But I’m going to do it anyway.  Trust me, it won’t take long.

From what I’d heard from prior attendees, the Opening Ceremony was where the big announcements tended to happen.  This year, people were expecting to hear about Diablo 3’s release date.  Maybe the new MMO that Blizzard is working on (mark my words – RIFTS is going to be it) would be the big news.  Instead we got two things of passable interest –

The fifth and final Diablo 3 class:  The Demon Hunter.  No relase date, four years later, just Blizzard telling us “Hey we finally got around to finishing off the classes!”

Secondly, we were treated to Chris Metzen’s trip down memory lane (aka How am I going to kill fifteen minutes of the Opening Ceremony because I have nothing to talk about?)

If this seems less than thrilling, you’re right.  That’s what Blizzcon was – a series of disappointment.  Jesus, just thinking about it is clipping my desire to even finish this post.  In fact, it has.  Bullet points for the win!

  • The Q&A panels were a joke.  Check them out on Youtube if you haven’t seen them yet.  Any World of Warcraft Q&A resulted with the same answers:  “We’re looking into it,” or “We can’t say at this time.”
  • I’m sure they’ve done the Costume Contests before.  But from what I saw, and what I heard from participants, that thing was so piss-poorly organized it was a miracle nobody got hurt.  Polished ramps, spiral staircases, poor lighting backstage, no idea where to film the contestants when they came out on stage… what a gong show.
  • Gong show?  Oh wait, that would be the Dance Contest.  They shoved groups out as per the racial dance they were planning to do (RACISM!), but then gave the contestants no instruction as to what they were supposed to do once they got out there.  It could have gone smoother if someone had explained how the contest would go before sending folks onto the stage and expecting Kat Hunter or Jay Mohr to set them straight.
  • Helpful Tip:  When a guy falls down and claims that his leg is broken, DO NOT GRAB HIS FUCKING LEG TO CARRY HIM OFF THE STAGE!
  • Jay Mohr:  I don’t believe for a second that he plays WoW, or any Blizzard game for that matter.  In fact, I question whether he owns any gaming system at all.  However, whoever wrote those jokes for him and handed him a stack of papers to read off of needs to be shot.  I know the papers wasn’t his idea, because the man is a professional comic.  No comic would go on stage with a mound paper like that, unless he was planning to work it as a prop.  Mohr wasn’t.  He struggled with it and, unless he was trying to look like an ass, he knows better.  That being said, I’m not going to crucify the man.  He was funny at times, adequate as a host.  People bust his chops for not being a gamer.  I don’t want a fanboy hosting.  I want a professional.  Jay Mohr would be fine if he was allowed to just come out and be funny.  He doesn’t have to pander to the crowd, just respect them enough not to openly insult their nerdish intelligence.
  • The Guild meetup was great.  Nothing like overtaking an entire bar with your own people.
  • Attended the Twisted Nether meetup on Friday night.  Thanked Hydra once again for the chance to buy my Blizzcon ticket.  Got a chance to hang out with Kenjioba and the Rawrcast crew for the evening, which was the highlight of my Blizzcon experience by far.  Happy Birthday Pig!

So that was it, Blizzcon in a nutshell.  For all my complaining, would I go again?  I thought about that very question.  My main reason to go to Blizzcon was to hopefully embrace the social aspect of the game, and meet some quality people.  I think I did that.  So would I go next year?  Only if the right people were going to be there… probably.  In fact, I’m already starting to save up so that next time, I get a hotel closer to the Convention Center.  Walking 6-8 miles a day leaves much to be desired.  Even for an Uberman like me.

This is Herculano, still basking in the post Blizzcon glow.  Oh yeah, kill Elementals something something Cataclysm.

Blizzcon 2010

Blizzcon 2010

Another busy week, but there’s been a few developments that are worth chatting about.

By “few” I mean “one” – I am going to Blizzcon 2010!

The good folks over on the Twisted Nether Blogcast, in conjunction with Hydra from Almost Evil, had a Haiku contest. The winner of said contest would be given the opportunity to buy a Blizzcon ticket from Hydra.

Turns out I won, and wasted no time in buying the ticket.  So now I am officially heading to Blizzcon!

I will also be attending the Twisted Nether meetup (more information TBD), where I will read my contest-winning Haiku!

I may or may not also be drinking.


Blizzcon 2010 Tickets

Tickets went on sale tonight at 9pm Central.  After an evening at the gym, followed by a few errands, I’d burned up enough time to be within striking distance of Ticket Time.

8:35 – I sit down at the computer and navigate to the screen where I will be buying tickets.  I go through my account to make sure all my information is up to date.  I decide that I can’t stare at the computer for twenty-five minutes or I just may go mad.  Maybe a quick shower and shave would help pass the time.  At the very least, it’ll hose off the remaining gym grime.  Yuck.

8:51 – Having completed the face-shaving portion of my cleansing ritual, I poke my head out of the shower to make sure I have time to complete the head-shaving job.  With only nine minutes to go, and shaving cream running into my eyes (and you thought shampoo burned), I decide not to tempt Fate.  I hop out of the shower and wipe off the remaining foam.  My head looks like some kind of fraternity prank.

8:56 – I commence with the pressing of F5.

8:57 – F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

8:58 – I suspect that somewhere on my keyboard is a magic button that will get me to the front of the queue.  I cannot afford these sorts of distractions, and the message on the screen mocks me that the tickets are “not yet available”.

8:59 – I press F5 OMG SNUCK IN *click*

(Currently in Queue)

Wait, I was going to get two tickets!  I only ordered one!  Damn my spastic clicking habit!

(Position: 8337 –  Estimated time: 1 hour)

Well it’s better than last year.  Maybe that half-second that I saved by not clicking on the drop-down menu will get me to Blizzcon!

9:03 – Position: 7696, 86% of stock left.  Plenty of tickets yet.  I feel strongly about my chances of getting a ticket.

9:08 – Position: 6918,  71% of stock left.  Strength wavering slightly.  I decide to go watch the hockey game to pass the time.  Wonderful idea lasts all of two minutes before I get up, grab a beer, and return to the computer.

9:17 – Position: 5442, 36% of stock left.  What the Hell?  Everybody must be buying the max number of tickets per click to go down that quickly.  My strenght fades, and I hope for a fluke to get in this time around.

9:19 –  Position: 5157, 30% of stock left.  The feeling of dread has set in, and my odds are not looking so good.   Three thousand people bought tickets so far, and that was 70% of the tickets available.  Basic math is telling me the odds are not in my favor.  Still, I wait for the inevitable.

9:25 – At Position: 4494 in queue when the axe comes down.  Tickets are now Sold Out.

9:27 – Blizzcon 2010 tickets are on sale on Ebay.  The prices range from $350 to $618 per ticket.  I want to force-feed my monitor to these people, and not through their mouthes.

Even worse, I will be AFK on Saturday.  Therefore it looks like Blizzcon 2010 will be Herc-free this year.

Blizzcon 2010 – Here We Go Again

The writing was on the wall back in February, and now it has been confirmed – so sayeth the official Blizzcon 2010 Website:

If you’ve been holding your breath waiting to find out when and where the next BlizzCon would be held, then… you’ve probably passed out by now. But if you’ve just been patiently watching for an announcement, then we’ve got good news for you: BlizzCon will be returning to the Anaheim Convention Center on Friday, October 22 through Saturday, October 23! Just as in years past, BlizzCon 2010 will feature an exciting mix of discussion panels, tournaments, hands-on gameplay, contests, and much more. Check out the announcement press release, and keep an eye on in the months ahead for further details, including ticketing information.

I was stoked about the possibility of attending last year, only to end up being denied. However, as Blizzcon ’09 wrapped up, I started preparing to attend Blizzcon 2010.

I am excited. Nerds Unite!