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Will the Warcraft Movie Suck


This post took a most unexpected turn as I wrote it. When I first started writing, the title was “Why the Warcraft Movie Will Suck.”

Believe it or not, my feelings on this movie had nothing to do with the banner image above that was released at Comic Con. No, my dislike for the movie started well before the trolls got all up in arms because “the font looks more like Starcraft rather than Warcraft” and “the logo doesn’t look like the game.” That was just secondhand chatter that I heard from online sources. If you want to see some real nerd venom, look at the Youtube comments for the Warcraft Logo clip.

Why don’t you just take the fucking official Warcraft logo instead of coming up with some shitty fanfiction-tier logo?

That’s what I feared would happen with the movie.It’ll be a generic blockbuster kind of movie made by producers that aren’t fans of the Warcraft series and see this as a way to make money.You sir,have just confirmed all of our fears.We wanted a movie that would pay tribute to our universe,not another Die Hard 5 or 300 or whatever the fuck the other generic movies nowadays are.

This is the level of nerd rage generated by a ten second clip of the fucking title credit. This is why Legendary is hoping to target fantasy movie fans, not just World of Warcraft fans. Anyone who has played WoW for any length of time knows how unhinged fanatical the fanbase can be. The fact that the movie is supposedly being shot with an Alliance bias is enough to have folks teary-eyed with fists tightly clenched, setting effigies of Chris Metzen on fire after peppering them with handfuls of their own warm and watery feces. You really don’t know what you’re going to get when it comes to the World of Warcraft fans. It’s a love/hate/lovehate kind of thing that needs to be monitored and controlled with medication.

Which leads me to defending a movie that I knew, I just knew, was going to suck brown toilet water. It still might, but I’m becoming less inclined to believe that.

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Crash Course – Death Knight

With Blizzard allowing players to pay $60 to boost any character right to Level 90, you know there’s going to be plenty of toons out there running around in circles looking all sorts of clueless. To head this disaster off at the pass, Blizz released these “crash course” videos to help players who may have never played the class before… at max level. This is the one they released for the Death Knight.

Thanks Blizz… I think.

We Are The World Of Warcraft

Apparently this video was all the hotness on the Jimmy Fallon Show.  One big lump of nerd culture.  I’ve got nothing else to say about this video, except Enjoy!

Death Knight Transmog

Okay, I know you came here for the sweet sweet eye candy, but I have something else to talk about first.

Calm down, the pics are coming.

MMO Champion posted a question that was asked of the Blizz Developers regarding the limit of only one Death Knight per server:

Any idea when we might see this lifted? I’ve seen on MMO-Champ a few times where it’s been stated this limitation is outdated and no longer needed. It was also said that they likely will remove it, I’m just wondering if there is any sort of time frame for this planned at all?

I’d really enjoy rolling another Death Knight on my home server, on the Horde side, just for the benefit of heirloom gear and to experience the horde storylines and what not, hence the inquiry.

This is a valid question.  The fact that we’re two expansions removed from the introduction of DK’s, and with a higher level cap, should offset the boo hooing that usually comes with mentioning DK’s at all.  “But they get to start off at level 55!  They leave their starter zone with blue gear!  I have far too much sand in my vagina!”  You know, the usual complaints from Death Knight haters.

The Blue Post reply was, well…

Honestly, there’s no update I can provide on when this will be lifted, but we’re aware of the feedback. It may be a possibility for the future though.

Same shit different day.

And now what you have been waiting for – SWEET DK TRANSMOG SETS OMG!!1!

Here’s what Herculano was wearing before:

Before1 Before2


Kinda looks like a post-apocalyptic hockey player, or Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (sans trusty baseball bat of course).

Now here’s the look he rocks currently –

After1 After2


I’m not a big fan of the dress kilt, but it’s tough to find pants that go with this outfit.

Here’s my question to all both of my readers:  Which one do you prefer?  Before?  After?  Neither?

Leave me a comment below!  TGIF!

Blizzcon 2013 Dates Announced

Here we go again...

Here we go again…


It’s been awhile since I posted, but there’s no way I could let this go without pasting it all over my blog.  And as my good buddy The Rock would say…


“Finally Blizzcon has come back to Anaheim!”

Actually jabroni, here’s what The Herc would say.  The Herc would say that the People, his People, have demanded it.  And there’s no way – AND THE HERC MEANS “NO WAY” – that the People won’t get what they want.  They deserve a Blizzcon, and a Blizzcon they will get!  Friday, November 8 and Saturday, November 9, 2013 in Anaheim, California.  Two days of Blizzcon!  Two days of the Best that Blizzard Entertainment has to offer!  To the Millions – and Millions – of the Blizzcon Fans, the wait… is finally over.

If you smell… what The Herc… is cooking.

(Editor’s Note: What’s cooking is a whole lot of gimmick infringement.)