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Gladiator Stance vs Arms Warrior

PVP sidewinder Bajheera knows plenty about how Arms Warriors rock and roll in versus settings. He took his fight to the Warlords of Draenor beta with his Gladiator-stanced Prot Warrior. At level 100, he dueled an Arms Warrior to see just how Gladiator-stance holds up.

Changing Mains for WoD

World of Warcraft is celebrating their ten year anniversary. So, like, congrats and stuff.

Over the past ten years, every class has gone through a serious makeover. Some classes didn’t even exist ten years ago! But with that evolution comes a change in playstyles for players. Some players will adapt to these changes. Others will abandon their class and look for something they’re more comfortable with.

Some folks are looking for something different. They’re tired of adding to hp’s and are looking for a class that will take that pesky health away. They’re bored with staring at the butt of a raid boss and would rather stand back and throw bolts (mystic or otherwise).

Blizzard has said that as far as the Warlords of Draenor beta is concerned, they are finished with the major class changes. How things are is how they will be. Some classes have changed, and some have not. That means there are people who might not like how things sit with their class.

I’m digging the Windwalker Monk, but I’ll reserve judgement on who will be the first to get to 100 until 6.0 and the class changes take effect. Once the revamped classes go live in October, I’ll probably make my decision then. Everything is up in the air.

Have you been paying attention to the changes for your main? Are you sticking to your guns, or are you looking to make a switch for WoD?

Changing Faces in WoD


With the updated character models in Warlords of Draenor, many people have asked if Blizzard would be willing to pony up and give players the chance to get a free character customization out of the deal. Blizzard replied by lighting a cigar with a hundred dollar bill and spelled out “uh, no” in smoke rings. What they meant was that it’s going to cost you about 32 gold at your local Barber shop. That’s right – WoD is now going to allow players to change their character’s faces in-game.

It’s not the Dance Studio, but screw that thing anyway. Facejobs for everyone! *Grabs stacks of greenbacks* *Makes it rain*

Windwalker Monk in WoD

Monks. I remember when I first started playing the Monk class like it was yesterday. (You should, it was only like a couple of weeks ago — Editor) My monk is still nowhere near end game, and has barely unlocked any abilities that could be considered monkish. Which is probably why I’m not breaking a sweat about Preach’s review on the Windwalker Monk in Warlords of Draenor. That might change once I get him to level 30 though. Oh the anticipation of impending doom!

Or something.

Unholy Death Knight in WoD Beta

This may come as a shock, but I have a few Death Knights on my roster. Actually, I play a few on my server. I have two Frost (2H and DW) and a Blood DK for farming and all-around indestructibility. I think having to deal with a pet has kept me from playing an Unholy Death Knight. That may be the reason my Hunter hasn’t moved past level 85. Spreading my focus between a man and his pet doesn’t feel like fun, especially since my “focus” is an abstract construct at best. I’m the same guy who went from playing an army of plate-wearing killers in PVE to a PVP abuse-sponge wrapped in leather.

Not normally how I roll, is what I'm saying here.

Not normally how I roll, is what I’m saying here.

Unholy DK’s seem to be a favorite in PVP, and plenty of PVE end-gamers rave about them. Then Preach comes along and gives some feedback on his Unholy DK experience in the Warlords of Draenor beta. I may be thawing a Frost DK and letting him get crazy.