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The Unsegment Episode 1

Once upon a time, I had worked on an audio segment for the AIE Podcast entitled “Ask Jeeves”.  But, as is often the case, Real Life took up my time and I was unable to continue with it.

But now, it has returned… kinda.

You can check out the AIE Podcast (I recommend Episode 125) if you want to hear the podcast from one of the largest guild communities in the World.  It’s an interesting listen anyway, so do it.  Also, the “Ask Jeeves” segment is in the Guildie Submissions at the end.

Or, just listen to the segment, or Unsegment as the case may be, right frigging here baby.

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No Ask Jeeves This Week


Well I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news.  The good news is that I’ve finished with the changes to the blog, and satisfied with the results.  If something doesn’t look right or isn’t working, or I’m missing something, leave a comment below.

The bad news is that spending a week of “vacation” driving across three states tends to wear a body down, and despite eating Vitamin C like it was about to become illegal I’m now fighting off a chest cold.  With the deadline for the AIE Podcast coming up tomorrow, I just haven’t been able to put together an Ask Jeeves segment.  Therefore the 2/21 AIE Podcast will just have to go on without my contribution.  I’m sure they’ll be fine.

Of course, that means I’ll have to come up with something for the next submission.  Maybe another giveaway?  Thoughts?  Suggestions?

Ask Jeeves – Engineering and Archaeology

I have been slack-assed as of late, and for that I apologize.  Not one, but TWO of the Ask Jeeves segments have gone by.  In the AIE Podcast #86, Jeeves and I discuss the merits of the Engineering Profession.  At the end of the segment, we announce a contest where the winner will receive a Mechano-Hog of their very own!

Man, it sure would have been sweet if someone would have blogged about that a few weeks ago.  That would have made for some killer blog content, don’t you think?

(Editor’s Note — This is the curse of doing anything during the holiday season other than eating, drinking, or opening presents.)

In the most recent AIE Podcast #87, Jeeves and I announced the winner of the Mechano-Hog and reviewed why someone might want to pursue the Archaeology profession (spoiler – they’re masochists!)

You can find the podcasts HERE!

Ask Jeeves – Titles

Ask Jeeves

This week, the topic of Ask Jeeves had to do with titles.  A great number of them can be a pain in the ass to get.  Usually there’s two bottlenecks involved with getting a title:

1) Random Item:  Be it a mask, a pet, or a piece of candy, we are often cockblocked because we need some random item to be in the bag or boss.    World Events were terrible for this.  You could go the entire duration of the event, checking every hour or day for your drop, and not get it.  People protested this RNG victimization on the WoW forum boards and had certain achievements removed from Title prerequisites.

2) PVP:  Title achievements that involve PVP suck for everybody.  If you`re a PVP player, you have to deal with rookies who are in there not to achieve the battleground objective, but to do something stupid while dressed stupid or after eating something stupid.  If you`re the kind of person who never does any kind of PVP (Goldshire Inn sexiness doesn`t count), stepping into a battleground just to get the Title achievement is like putting on a pork chop bathing suit and hopping into the shark tank for a nice leisurely swim.  You`re going to end up as partially digested shark poop.

With that in mind, we knocked off a few Titles that casual folks can get without the frustration of the RNG beast, or without becoming shark poop.  `Cause nobody likes being turned into poop, shark or otherwise.

  • The Ambassador title: Earn exalted status with all six Horde factions.
  • Argent Tournament:  There`s a number of titles you can get from here.  Earn exalted status with a each faction, as well as the right to champion that city, and you earn the title for that city.  If you earn exalted status with every city, as well as championing each city, AND earn exalted status with the Argent Crusade, you can earn the title of Crusader.
  • The Diplomat: Earn exalted status with Timbermaw Hold, the Mag`har, and the Sporeggar.
  • Shattered Sun: This title is the result of the quest `A Magnanimous Benefactor`.  You hand over 1000g and you get the title.  However, you can`t qualify for this quest until you have exalted status with the Shattered Sun Offensive.  You can get that by running the dailies on the Isle of Quel`Danas (as well as other means.)
  • The Explorer:  Complete the World Explorer achievement to get this title.  A piece of cake with flying mounts.
  • Archaeology Titles:  This kind of flies against the RNG comment I made earlier.  Getting the Assistant Professor title isn`t that difficult because you only need to find one rare artifact.  Finding the ten needed for the Associate Professor title isn`t exactly more difficult, just more time consuming.  There are many artifacts you can prospect up, so it isn`t like you need a specific one.  Still, if you see someone with the Professor title you know they`re hardcore.  Also, a little crazy.
  • Loremaster: Speaking of crazy.  Loremaster is a funny title because everyone started working on it as they quested their way up to the level cap.  I suggest picking up an addon to let you know what quests you missed if you want to tackle this Title achievement.
  • Brewmaster:  A title so cool they named the Monk`s tanking aspect after it.  Race rams, advertise brews, it`s not a hard title to get.
  • Flame Keeper: Another easy title.  Just fly around the world and worship, while peeing on the Alliance`s fires.  That`s the toughest part.

Jeeves I hate you so much.

In case you missed it (and if you did, how did you find me?), you can catch the Ask Jeeves segment on the AIE Podcast episode 85, available for download HERE.

AIE Podcast – Ask Jeeves

WoW Guild Logo

The Die Has Been Podcast

It has come to my attention that the podcast segment I recorded awhile back — Ask Jeeves — is being included in the next Alea Iacta Est (AIE) Podcast (Episode #84).  You can check out the podcast by clicking HERE.

If you’re interested in a bit more of a detailed  breakdown on what I discussed in the segment, you can click right over HERE.