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Legion Unholy DK Talents and Abilities

I know this video is yesterday’s news. Literally. It just came out yesterday. But with job, and life, and job, I didn’t get a chance to sit down and look at my Youtube feed. Which is always fun, because if it wasn’t for Youtubers and Twitchers (that can’t be the right term for Twitch TV people – sounds more like someone going through drug withdrawal), there would be almost zero things to talk about in World of Warcraft.

Anyhow, Bajheera gave the Unholy DK a spin on the Legion alpha. He shares with us the talents and abilities of the Unholy DK as they stand currently. Of course this could mean nothing by the next patch. We’re talking about alpha testing here. Shit happens between alpha and live. I’d be happy if they still had an Unholy DK as an option by the time Legion goes live.

So check it out, and see what might(?) be coming for the Unholy Death Knight (maybe?)

TGIF – Warlords of Draenor Alpha Herbalism

As I stated before, one of the worst times to try and make gold is at the end of an expansion. However, one of the best times to make gold is at the beginning of the expansion. People will be rushing to level up their professions, so folks with gathering professions will be out in full force looking to take advantage of the lazy crafters who will buy up anything on the AH that will level up their profession of choice.

I am actually prepared for this. During one of my frequent bouts of insanity, I leveled a Blood Death Knight up to 60, gave him the Mining and Herbalism professions, then boosted him to 90 which maxed out both professions at 600. Once Warlords of Draenor goes live, my Blood DK will head out into the world looking for stones to dig and flowers to pick, and since he’s a Blood DK he’ll be unkillable. That’s money right there, money I’m hoping to line my pockets with.

As luck would have it, WTBGold has started doing some research into the various professions in WoD. He’s hit the alpha and started poking around, noting various changes and so on. He’s just getting his feet wet, but if this Herbalism Guide is any indication then this will be the channel to watch going forward.

WoD Alpha – Frost DK Is Still OK

You can’t put too much faith in what you see during alpha testing. It’s alpha testing, after all. But reports from reliable sources, and I believe it when a guy like Preach tells me, says that Frost Death Knights might be in a pretty good place in Warlords of Draenor.