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The Unsegment Episode 2


In this episode of The Unsegment, Herculano decides that with a new year, and a new expansion, the as-yet-unnamed segment should have a new celebrity co-host.

This segment was aired on the AIE Podcast Episode 128, as well as under the tag below.  There’s also some vital information under there too so you should really take a look!

Seriously.  Look.  It’s one mouse click.  Browsing for porn takes more effort than that.

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The Unsegment Episode 1

Once upon a time, I had worked on an audio segment for the AIE Podcast entitled “Ask Jeeves”.  But, as is often the case, Real Life took up my time and I was unable to continue with it.

But now, it has returned… kinda.

You can check out the AIE Podcast (I recommend Episode 125) if you want to hear the podcast from one of the largest guild communities in the World.  It’s an interesting listen anyway, so do it.  Also, the “Ask Jeeves” segment is in the Guildie Submissions at the end.

Or, just listen to the segment, or Unsegment as the case may be, right frigging here baby.

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Ask Jeeves – Lovely Charms


Whether you’re just trying to make your life a little easier by saving up for your holiday Daily Quests, or looking to buy (and sell?) the holiday mount, “Love is in the Air” usually means that you’re going to be doing some grinding.  Sadly, this grinding does not involve a Significant Other, or even a picture of the Significant Other.


No, this type of grinding involves killing green (or better) mobs to get Lovely Charms.  Ten of these bad boys combine to make a Lovely Charm Bracelet, which sells to the holiday vendor for a Love Token, which is then used… you know what?  Screw it.  You know how this works by now.  If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be farming the Charms in the first place.


Which begs the question:  Where the Hell does one go to farm Lovely Charms?


I’m glad you asked.  Seriously.  It gives me something to write about.


– Mjordin Combatants on Savage Ledge:  The training ground north of Jotunheim in Icecrown is filled with scrappy gentlemen with an impressive respawn rate.  The one drawback to this spot is that it’s open world, which means anyone can come by and try to scoop up the mobs.  On a high pop server, this may be more of an issue.  If you’re planning on using this spot, try to hit it up on off-hours.

– Trogs in Fractured Front, Deepholm:  Another open world spot, but one that is quick to get to.  The trogs are quite plentiful, but they have a bit of a longer respawn rate and take a little longer to kill.  However, if you loot these bad boys you can make some gold off the drops.  As the video shows, a Potion of Treasure Finding can really jack up your gold making potential.

–  Unstable Corruptions in Throne of Tides:  There are those who say that this is the best place to farm Lovely Charms.  Claims of 100 charms in ten minutes have often been reported.  However, most people who are not rocking raid gear (or a 390+ gear score) will not be able to get to the Unstable Corruptions solo.  To reach them, you have to kill the first boss of the zone:  Lady Naz’jar.  That bitch does not play around, but she does play for keeps.  If you can get someone to help kill her and then make your way to the Unstable Corruptions, you’ll be sitting pretty.

– Slags in Halls of Lightning:  The best place to farm the Lovely Charms, IMO.  Fast respawns, plenty of non-elite mobs to mow down, low hp, and easy to get to.  It’s also in an instance, so you won’t be fighting anyone else for the respawns.

(Edit:  There’s talk that the slags may have been nerfed.  If that’s the case, you might want to check out Throne of Tides.)

Good luck with whatever your plans are for the bracelets.  Have fun killing mobs for hours upon mind-numbing hours.

Ask Jeeves – Engineering and Archaeology

I have been slack-assed as of late, and for that I apologize.  Not one, but TWO of the Ask Jeeves segments have gone by.  In the AIE Podcast #86, Jeeves and I discuss the merits of the Engineering Profession.  At the end of the segment, we announce a contest where the winner will receive a Mechano-Hog of their very own!

Man, it sure would have been sweet if someone would have blogged about that a few weeks ago.  That would have made for some killer blog content, don’t you think?

(Editor’s Note — This is the curse of doing anything during the holiday season other than eating, drinking, or opening presents.)

In the most recent AIE Podcast #87, Jeeves and I announced the winner of the Mechano-Hog and reviewed why someone might want to pursue the Archaeology profession (spoiler – they’re masochists!)

You can find the podcasts HERE!

My Goals For 2012

Herculano New Year

I’m usually not big on making New Year’s resolutions.  That’s mostly due to the word “resolution”, which feels like it should mean “promises I know deep down there’s no way I’ll keep.”  Using the word just feels like an escape clause, and I don’t want to submarine myself before I even get out of the gate.  I am therefore not making resolutions this year.  I’m making optimistic predictions as to what I will accomplish in 2012.

  • Keep finding reasons to play WoW.  I probably would have gone whole-hog into SWTOR if it hadn’t been for my brother, aka my online enabler.  He got me started playing Everquest, then he got me playing WoW.  He doesn’t play as much as I do, or as often.  He’ll pay for a month, let that month run out, then take a break for a couple of weeks before starting up again.  But he’s my brother, and my best friend, and so as long as he finds WoW interesting I’ll be that much more motivated to keep playing.  Don’t get me wrong, there are other reasons I enjoy playing the game.  I love the gold making aspect, the achievements, getting interesting outfits for my characters to mog.  As long as I can set a goal for myself, I can motivate myself to log in.
  • Get a serious gaming rig.  I might have considered staying with SWTOR if I owned a computer that let me play the game without wanting to put my foot through the monitor.  The graphics moved like an old-timey flip-book animation.  I had to shut absolutely everything off or set it to the lowest level, then play in a windowed mode at 800×600.  I’d get frustrated just struggling through the cutscenes.  I don’t have that problem with WoW for the most part, small blessing for ancient graphics engine.  But most of my interaction with the game is solo, which leads to…
  • Raiding.  I don’t even care about the loot.  Seriously.  I’m not a slave to purples.  I just like the fellowship that forms between people who raid together (I hear good things).  I’ve played WoW for four or five years now, am a member in one of the largest guilds in the World, and I still don’t feel that camaraderie.  That’s mostly my fault, being the antisocial butterfly that I am.  This year I want to change that.  Also, Deathwing set me on fire once.  For that, I want to chop off his balls.
  • The AIE Podcast.  This is my way to interact with the community that I’ve been a part of for the past few years.  I’ve been motivated to do things I’d always wanted to do but put off.  Submitting a segment to the AIE podcast is one of them.  I don’t do public speaking, and I still feel a bit awkward when I record them, but I’m three segments in (“Ask Jeeves” for the win) and I’m really having fun.  A couple people seem to dig it too which helps with the motivation.
  • Improve the blog.  Better url setup, a better looking page, and hopefully better content.  It has taken me a long time to find my blogging voice.  I feel like I’m almost there, so this year I want to make it happen.  Whatever it is.
  • Go to Blizzcon again.  Blizzcon 2011 was my second time at the ‘con, and I went Lone Wolf the entire time.  I saw many people from a distance, but my heart really wasn’t in it this year.  My Mom had just started going through chemotherapy and radiation treatment for brain cancer, and literally an hour after returning home from Blizzcon I had to get in my car and drive over six hours to start college the next day.  Oh, and I had to buy a brand new ticket to make that flight, essentially burning the old one.  Mind and body were definitely elsewhere.  If I get another crack at Blizzcon this year, I want to get more out of it by interacting with more gamers, more guildies, and more people.

How about you?  Have you set any goals for yourself in 2012?