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Rise of the Runelords – Episode 38

After saving Turtleback Ferry from the legendary Black Magga, the Saviors of Sandpoint kicked back and relaxed. They grabbed some towels, bought some drinks with cool umbrellas in them, and caught some sun on the beach.

Maybe in Bizarro Land, but not in the mean streets of Turtleback Ferry! (Editor’s note – that should probably be ‘mean street’. I mean, there can’t be more than one road through the village.)

The mayor/religious leader of Turtleback Ferry, Maelin Shreed, was concerned about the dangerously rapid rise of the river’s water levels (not to mention the introduction of massive sea serpents into the residential ecosystem). Being situated downstream of a mighty dam that holds back several cubic miles of water, Mayor Shreed was interested in the status of said dam. He hired the heroes to brave the tribe of trolls who had taken up residence inside the dam known as Skull’s Crossing, and find out if they were in danger of being washed away.

Trolls are bad. What the Saviors of Sandpoint found at the dam was much, much worse. Find out how worse in Rise of the Runelords Episode 38 – So Many Skulls!

Rise of the Runelords – Episode 37

image by Paizo

With Fort Rannick now secure, you’d think things would settle down a bit. You’d think that maybe there’d be some breathing room, some time to take in the sights and enjoy the tranquility of nature and the lands far away from the hustle and bustle of Magnimar.

But you’d be wrong. Dead wrong.

The Saviors of Sandpoint question Dilay, the adopted sister of one of their own, and find out why she took the name Lucrecia and slaughtered the Black Arrows of Fort Rannick.

Also, the unholy offspring of the Loch Ness Monster and a psychic demon comes to Turtleback Ferry… and it’s not there for the farmer’s market.

Welcome to Rise of the Runelords Episode 37 – Turtleback Troubles!

Rise of the Runelords – Episode 36

I really have to get better at posting these things. Or posting at all for that matter.

In our last Rise of the Runelords session, the Saviors of Sandpoint had just clashed with several Kreeg ogres who had set up shop within the walls of Fort Rannick. However, after a quick headcount, they realized that in the midst of the battle two of the ogres had gone missing. The heroes also noticed that the front doors leading outside were now open.

That… can’t be good.

How did it go for the Saviors of Sandpoint? Find out here in Rise of the Runelords Episode 36 – Let’s Split the Party – AGAIN!

Rise of the Runelords – Episode 35

When a skilled swordswoman possessed and empowered by abyssal magic, wants nothing more than to kill everyone she sees, the Saviors of Sandpoint find themselves all up in her grill. Sounds bad, right?

Well, it’s even worse when she’s the sister of one of our heroes. Awkwaaaaard.

How did the family reunion go? Find out in Rise of the Runelords Episode 35 – Love and Lies!

Rise of the Runelords – Episode 34

At the end of our last Rise of the Runelords session, the Saviors of Sandpoint were in a bad way. They had split up to rush through a funhouse of terror, which turned out to be what’s commonly referred to as “a bad idea.” With party members bleeding to death on the ground, bleeding to death on their feet, and some just disappearing and leaving casters vulnerable to some “aggressive structural reconfiguration”, things looked bleak for the heroes.

Did they survive? And who is the handsome green fellow in the picture above? That’s about as clickbait as I get, so clicky-clicky and find out in Rise of the Runelords Episode 34 – Mite Makes Right!