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Critical Role Campaign Three – Behind the Set

… is it Thursday (Oct 21st) yet?

Table-Sized Dungeon Map for a Dollar

These days, folks tend to run their tabletop RPG maps in a digital format. Maybe they’re playing over Roll20, or they have a TV or giant monitor that they use to project their maps. But what does one do when they have a map so big, so epic, that it simply cannot be contained on a screen?

The Miniature Mash-Up Youtube channel just may have the answer you’re looking for. Inexpensive, practical, and quick to put together!

I Tried

I tried.

I really wanted to give this Final Fantasy game a real go. But try as I might, repeatedly, I could not get my computer to choke down a 45GB download. I’d let it run overnight so it would have all the download juice it could muster, and do so uninterrupted. Well for some reason it did interrupt. Twice. Two nights in a row, my computer would chug along and wait until I had gone to bed before it decided to put a stop to this nonsense. The next morning, I would be greeted with a little error message box that would tell me, in no uncertain terms, that it had decided to stop downloading. And starting over meant just that – right from the beginning.

So what about World of Warcraft?

Look, I’ll be honest. I haven’t paid to play that game in over a year. I level up characters so that I can run the daily quest grind, earn gold, use said gold to buy game tokens, and use THOSE tokens to pay for my subscription. I don’t pay to play, I play to pay.

I don’t raid. I don’t PVP. I don’t buy mounts or pet, nor do I collect said beasts. I kill time in a way that sometimes activates those crazy dopamine receptors, and makes me feel like I accomplished something.

But what about Blizzard and their shitty treatment of their workers, specifically female employees?

Well they fired this pin-whistle for starters.

In reality, firing JAB doesn’t mean much. It’s a token gesture, but it’s a start.

So does this mean I’m back to playing World of Warcraft?

Guess it depends on whether I can talk my computer into working WITH me rather than AGAINST me.

Got me a fancy URL


The blog is now officially because, well, it gives me an excuse to write more. Not that I needed an excuse because I’ve got plenty on the go. Anyhoo, I’ll just count this as a placeholder in case I ever wonder when I upgraded to a fancy URL.

So Fancy.

Edit: Oh yeah, I also cleaned up a couple of the links on the sidebar. I added two more Actual Play podcasts that I enjoy – The Danger Club Podcast (Pathfinder 2e) and Critical Role (Dungeons and Dragons 5e). I’ll probably make a few more changes, but that’s plenty for now.

Resurrection Challenge System

Of all the things you can do in RPG’s, dying is by far the easiest.

In TTRPG’s, bouncing back from death can be little more than a pesky setback. Back in “the day” there were consequences to coming back from the dead. The revived character lost stats, levels, and eventually those penalties just piled up to the point where you had no choice but to let go.

These days, if you’ve got the gold Death can be an inconvenience, depending on the RPG you’re playing. In D&D 5e and Pathfinder, you have to make rolls to avoid dying. But once you die, break out a diamond and cast the spell. BOOM! Back in the action!

I feel like maybe there’s an opportunity to make things interesting when trying to revive a companion. Something that gets the party involved. Something that adds to the stakes.

Matt Mercer, the Dungeon Master for the Critical Role crew, had homebrewed a resurrection system that I thought was interesting. The Dungeon Coach also had thoughts on the matter, and discussed his homebrewed approach to the whole resurrection situation.

Me Likey, so Me Showy. Here’s The Dungeon Coach discussing his Resurrection Challenge System for 5e!