Rise of the Runelords – Hoard Collector

Dragons are a funny lot.

Generally speaking, folks know the basics about dragons. Dragons fly and breathe fire (or other elements, depending on the colour of the dragon). They also love to collect gold and treasure. Like, really love it. What might not be common knowledge is that the older the dragon is, the more attuned they are to their hoard. Steal a handful of coins from an ancient dragon’s hoard, and they will know it.

Things get more interesting when you steal the dragon’s entire hoard and leave the dragon alive. You think you’ve escaped with the riches, but all you’ve done is agitated an apex predator. And dragons can sniff out their hoard.

The Saviors of Sandpoint thought they had escaped with riches. But all they did was bring a very large, very powerful problem to the people of Sandpoint. Not good.

Here’s Rise of the Runelords Episode 63 – Hoard Collector.

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