The Open Gaming License Fiasco


Wizards of the Coast have done the impossible. They have united the entire tabletop RPG community. People bickering back and forth on Twitter a week ago are now rallying together, joining hands, and marching forward. Content creators from Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and everyone in between are standing together.

Why? Because Wizards of the Coast, and their parent company Hasbro, have tried to pull some shady shit. Shady, shady shit. And while they are a Dungeons and Dragons company, the Open Gaming License that they are manipulating affects many TTRPG systems, including the one I play – Pathfinder.

What am I talking about? There is no shortage of videos and articles explaining the OGL 1.1 garbage that Wizards of the Coast are trying to pull. But DnD Shorts posted a great video that explains it in a friendly, abridged version.

It’s been about five days since the OGL 1.1 was “leaked,” and WotC has yet to comment. I suspect they’re busy consulting their legal and public relations departments to calculate their next move. Sure, they can say that it was just a “draft” and would never come out in that form (despite Kickstarter having already received copies with contracts attached.) For now, the TTRPG community can only sit back and wait (and, as many already have done, lawyered up).

Good job WotC. Good job Hasbro.


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