Paint Your Own Dungeon Tiles

Before I took my tabletop RPG hobby into the Virtual/Digital Tabletop world, I tried crafting my own dungeon tiles rather than drawing maps. It gave the encounters a more textile feel and saved me from having to draw on a grid map (like I’d been doing for the past three decades.) There were premade tiles and terrain that you could purchase from places like Dwarven Forge but I just didn’t have that kind of cash. Crafting my own was much cheaper, and still looked better than what I’d been doing in the past.

To this day, I still appreciate those crafters who come up with creative ways of playing their favorite RPG. People like TheDMsCraft who is constantly putting out tips for enhancing your TTRPG experience. Like this one, for example. Here’s one way to create some dungeon tiles on the cheap! Check it out, won’t you?

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  1. Oh wow. Yeah I remember those days. We use to make our own for D&D, when we played Space Hulk and had a crazy idea to play on an 8 foot x 12 foot table we build from plywood. Then there was the Warhammer Fantasy stuff with piles of cut down styrofoam all painted and flocked. I really wish I had kept it all.

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