RotRL – The Smoldering Sawmill

Kilgor – I don’t just make dead people, now I… see them?

Rise of the Runelords – Episode Twenty-Seven

Having survived an ambush at the Magnimar townhouse of Aldern Foxglove, the Saviors of Sandpoint obtained evidence suggesting Aldern’s involvement with the mysterious group known as the Brothers of the Seven. They also recovered the deed to Foxglove Manor, which verified not only Aldern’s connection to the Brothers of the Seven, but that he was making payments to them at a place cleverly called the Seven’s Sawmill.

Would the sawmill bring the heroes one step closer to stopping the ritual murders from continuing in both Sandpoint and Magnimar? Would they discover the identity of the mysterious Xanesha, Mistress of the Seven?

Find out in Episode Twenty-Seven of Rise of the Runelords – The Seven’s Sawmill

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