RotRL – Chasing the Skinsaw

Rise of the Runelords – Episode Twenty-Six

The Saviors of Sandpoint killed The Skinsaw Man, but their work was not done. They learned that someone named Xanesha, operating out of Magnimar and leading a group called the Brothers of the Seven, had a list of what she called “greedy souls” for the nobleman formerly known as Aldern Foxglove to sacrifice.

This concerned the mayor, as well as the sheriff of Sandpoint. Were there more citizens on the chopping block? Why were these people being killed? And with Foxglove dead, would Xanesha send someone else to Sandpoint to continue The Skinsaw Man’s work?

The heroes packed up and returned to Magnimar to continue their investigation. But before they could even reach the city, the Saviors of Sandpoint were forced to confront the curious riddle that was The Mighty Maiden!

Who – or what – is the Mighty Maiden? And can wearing a simple piece of jewelry stop our heroes before they can even start their investigation in Magnimar? Find out in Episode Twenty-Six of Rise of the Runelords – Chasing the Skinsaw!

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