RotRL- Dropping the Dragonhammer

Tiberius Dragonhammer, the Riddleport Wrecker

Rise of the Runelords – Episode Twenty-Five

Now I know what you’re thinking.

“Donny, I mean what the Hell man! I know you were looking for content for your blog. I know you wanted to post your Rise of the Runelord campaign session summaries. Tell the people about your party’s shenanigans, and maybe offer up some tips and things for other people who might run the Adventure Path someday.

Cool, right?

But last time I checked, you posted something for the Rise of the Runelord campaign called Session Two. Session Two! You’re talking about Episode Twenty-Five now! You either have a wacky naming convention, or you missed TWENTY-THREE EPISODES!

As stated above, WHAT THE HELL MAN!”

Allow me to retort.

I’ve got nothing. Nothing except the fact that I tend to forget to post things on here. Then when I remember that I have a thing called a blog, which hungers for a thing called CONTENT, so much time has passed that I tell myself I’ll start posting these things all right after the next session. But then the cycle starts all over again.

I am a horrible, horrible blogger. And for that, I give an apathetic shrug.

So, yes, I am posting a link to our latest session of Paizo’s Rise of the Runelord campaign (or Adventure Path, as the marketing geniuses like to say). And yes, I call it an Episode on the blog and a Session over on the World Anvil page because I’m just zany like that!

Here’s the link to Episode Rise of the Runelord Session Twenty-Five – Dropping the Dragonhammer!

Also, for the sake of full transparency (Editor’s Note – and to prevent having to go back and generate twenty-three new posts), I will post the link to the World of Golarion where you can find all of the previous Rise of the Runelord session summaries, along with some NPC’s, Locations, Organizations, and all that kind of good stuff.

Here’s the link to the World Anvil page for the World of Golarion!

Now that I’ve linked up everything, is there anything else I should add to these posts? GM thoughts and notes maybe? Tips? You know, like the stuff that was mentioned in the hypothetical quote that started this whole post in the first place? Let me know in the comments below what you’d like to see.

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