RotRL – Goblin Attack

Rise of the Runelords – Session Two

Having partaken in events of the Swallowtail Festival, the heroes now find themselves up to their elbows in combat as a large band of goblins have attacked the sleepy town of Sandpoint!

Blood, brutality, and the appearance of a masked hero? Yes, all of that and more! You can find the summary of the events over on our campaign World Anvil page by clicking HERE!

GM Thoughts

  • The session introduced a few of the town’s NPCs, including Sheriff Belor Hemlock and owner of the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko Kaijitsu. It also briefly introduced a vigilante character that the party may bump into again. This character will have certain healing powers that may allow them to aid the party down the road. One of the players is a cleric; however he will rarely be able to attend sessions. The town has a cleric, but his healing powers are limited. The vigilante may become an NPC that could travel with the party and act as healer should they decided to add this mystery character. I hadn’t decided exactly what to do with the vigilante, and the players didn’t seem to show a great deal of interest when they made their appearance. So this mysterious hero may end up remaining in the shadows.
  • What about the PC cleric? The player told me I could use the cleric as a healbot. I appreciate the effort on his part, but I don’t like using another player’s character. Should the dice go poorly and the character dies, I would feel guilty. My policy has always been that if a player can’t make it to a session, they just fade out of existence. When they can play, the character is there. In our last campaign, that resulted in some clutch strategy when the player ended up saving the party just by arriving in time.
  • Level One is tricky for characters. They’re just so squishy! One day they’ll look back on facing a group of goblins and laugh. One day.

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