Damn you Denathrius

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It was that smooth arrogance that got me.

I’d started leveling through Shadowlands, following the storyline up to Revendreth. I’d already seen the cinematic for the quest at the end of Revendreth, but I didn’t just want to see it. I wanted to experience it.

Sire Denathrius, that jerk, was so compelling that I not only finished the questline despite reaching level 60, but I picked the Venthyr of Revendreth as my covenant. Not because their covenant abilities were better (not bad, but not great), or they had great Trasmog (not for a Demon Hunter, IMO). I did it because Sire Denathrius was such a good villain, so confident, so hateable.

His fate at the end of his raid was… adequate.

After playing some more, I’m really not a fan of the zone. Navigating it is a special kind of pain in the ass. I just want to do my world quests and not have to run around to try and find where to climb up, or climb over, to do them. I doubt I’d choose this covenant again, and I’ll probably swap out of it when I can.

As Sire Denathrius says, “Remember this lesson.

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