Second Darkness – Episode 56

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“We beat a demi-god and almost died to these bugs.”

To say that my players were frustrated by our last session would be an understatement.  We started two hours earlier to try and cover more of the crypt, and in the end, they only progressed slightly further than they did the session prior.

I’ve been generous with my players as far as gear went. They’ve been able to custom order several magic items, mostly the typical sort – weapons, armor, stat buff items. Five characters at Lv 10 with no shortage of wreckage capability. A few will break out a class ability and call it “broken” because it’s just so good.  They’ve been challenged in straight-up fights, but for the most part, they haven’t met a beast or creature they couldn’t stomp.

Enter the rot grub swarm.

These flesh-eating maggots can be pretty nasty. They’re only CR 7, so on paper they should have been a cakewalk. That is unless the party can’t get around two tiny issues. One, swarms of “fine” sized creatures are immune to all weapon damage. Two, they cannot be harmed by spells that target specific creatures. However, an area of effect spells does an additional 50% damage.

But if you have a group of level ten adventurers with meaty weapons and no area of effect spells?

See the quote above, and check out the session summary below.

Second Darkness Episode 56 – Lethal Bugs and Feeble Minds.


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