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With the world beset with sickness and a virus that has a body count to go along with it, many have taken the “social distancing” to heart. Sadly, this has meant to cancellation of many tabletop RPG sessions. My local Pathfinder Society lodge has canceled games for the rest of the month. For many choosing to self-isolate, losing out on a big source of enjoyment during these stressful times can be… uh… more stressful? (Editor’s Note – Well said, genius.)

But all is not lost! It is possible to continue to slay dragons and explore dungeons with your groupmates and not have to worry about catching any filthy diseases they may have! In the most recent Todd Talk, Todd Kenreck talks with Lauren “Oboe” Urban and William Boxx about how to play D&D online (which also applies to most TTRPG’s), what software to use, how to handle combat and much more.

Give it look, won’t you? After all, there’s probably not much else to do except ration your toilet paper.


(Image by Paizo.)

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