WoW 8.2 Leveling Guide

Marcelian (@MarcelianOnline on Twitter) put together what can best be described as a pretty damn cool leveling guide for Patch 8.2 in World of Warcraft! If you are looking to level up a new character to unlock the heritage items, or just want to try leveling without going back to Classic WoW because…



… this is the video for you!

The complete 8.2 leveling guide is here! Learn powerful 1-120 wow leveling tips and all the information you need for 8.2 leveling such as optimal zones, useful leveling addons, best items, optimal quests, heirlooms and consumables and many more tips and tricks. Patch 8.2 BFA is a bit unfriendly with alts but our world of warcraft leveling guide will make it easier if you are starting from scratch because everybody wants 8.2 leveling fast 🙂


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