My Favorite Big Bang Theory

Yep. Still here.

No, not really playing WoW.

I shouldn’t say that. I’m essentially doing what I’ve always been doing – leveling a character or two, then using them to farm mats and sell to buy tokens. I use the tokens to pay for game time or just to throw cash in the account in case I get motivated to do something.

Pretty much just staying poised in case I need to make some Warcraft moves, you might say.

Strap in, because I’m now about to take a hard left turn to Nerdville.

Last night, The Big Bang Theory had an episode that I have been waiting to see. I don’t watch the show on the regular, but for the first time, I was actively waiting for it. The episode was called the D&D Vortex.


So what does this have to do with anything? Well, this was big for a few reasons. Lately, I’ve been playing Pathfinder, which is a spinoff of old-school Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve been a player, and a Dungeon Master running my own campaign. It has let me funnel my creative juices and really let me step into a role I feel comfortable in.

Last night’s episode was interesting because, much like World of Warcraft, it showed that a “nerdy” game can be enjoyed by people that aren’t your stereotypical nerds living in their parents’ basement. I mean, Joe Manganiello was probably the biggest D&D fan there. Yeah, the dude from Magic Mike likes rolling dice.

Kevin Smith is also getting into it as well as a guest star on Geek & Sundries new show, Relics and Rarities with Deborah Ann Woll!


I guess the point of this post was just for me to gush about how TTRPGs and MMORPGs have come a long way. Maybe also to point out that I haven’t forgotten about this blog. Also to hint that more of my posts will have a more TTRPG leaning rather than WoW.

How about you, dear reader(s)? Do you play any tabletop RPGs?

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  1. I’m in the middle of a d&d campaign with friends which is a lot of fun. We’re up to our 5th session or so and it feels like we’re relaxing more into our characters and exploring what we can do so its started to feel really awesome on our monthly meetup.
    Today actually the same group is coming over for an evening of board games. It’s nice getting out of the online gaming world for so physical gaming now and again

    • Congrats on your fifth session! In my Pathfinder campaign, we just finished our twenty-seventh session and have had to introduce a couple of new characters due to some RIP moments against the last BBEG. It’s great once everyone gets comfortable with their characters, and makes for some interesting RP moments. With the new characters, I’ll be putting them through some motions to help them to get those moments that should help them transition from “numbers on a sheet” to an actual character.

      I couldn’t agree more with your physical gaming notion! Some of my players are early to mid-teens and avid gamers, and they seem to prefer our gaming sessions. Have fun with your board game night tonight!

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