Level 110 Class Trial



Okay, so a bit of a hiccup in my random gold-making challenge.

I’d just gathered my gold from the mailbox and hearthed back to start farming when “poof”, I was booted to the character selection screen. No warning, nothing.


A quick Google search told me what I needed to know.

If your World of Warcraft account is upgraded to the newest expansion, you can take advantage of the new Level 110 Class Trial. You can use this feature to take a character for a test drive before you decide to use a Level 110 Character Boost.

To start a new Class Trial, click the Level 110 Class Trial button while creating a new character.

Your new trial character is playable for three hours, or until you select a zone from the Scouting Map. After the trial is over, your character is locked from further play. You can purchase and use a Character Boost to permanently unlock your trial character.

Note: You cannot enter raids or low-level dungeons while on a Class Trial.


Guess I timed out on the Class Trial Demon Hunter. It would have been nice to at least have been given a countdown or something.

It sucks that thousands of gold were locked away and eventually deleted. But at least I can start over, using an alt this time.

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  1. Oh, I have been wondering about the time on a Class Trial. Shoot. Well, yeah, good to know!

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