BfA – Battle for Attention


I gotta tell ya, I’m at a weird place with World of Warcraft.

On the one hand, I’m still playing. My Alliance DK hit 120, and I’ve taken a few of my alts into the new content. So it looks like I’m justifying the expansion I guess.

On the other hand, though, I haven’t touched my DK since he hit 120. I think there are world quests, or whatever they’re called this time around. But this has been my M.O. – interest in different aspects of the game coming in waves.  My current leveling goal is my Void Elf Monk, who sits at 71. He gets about five minutes of playtime when I decide to log on (monk daily) unless there’s a podcast or youtube video I can listen to. In which case, I may play until that’s done and then log off.

It feels like my current goal is the gold making for token purchases. I use three alts for that, and that’s mostly my hour of game time. It usually goes like this:

  • Log on with Miner, get a stack of ore, send it to AH alt, log off.
  • Log on with Skinner/Herbalist, run a quick route to get some bloody bones and skins, along with whatever herbs I happen to trip over. Send the skins to my Leatherworker, herbs to AH alt, log off.
  • Log on with Leatherworker, make Honored gear if I have the BOP mats. If I do, make the gear and send it to the AH alt, log off.
  • Log on with AH alt, collect gold, collect mats, post everything, log off.
  • Oh, and log on with Monk to do his daily quest. Log off.
  • Rinse and repeat the following day.

With the markets still new, even that 15-20 minutes of gathering and making gear nets me 20-25k gold per week. Still gets me a token, now that the prices have dropped.  Even so, I don’t feel like I need to do this every day.

I suppose I could blame Blizzcon, and the fact that I’m not going, as part of my lack of motivation. I love going to Blizzcon because I really feel like part of something larger. Part of the community. Part of belonging to something. But with not going this year, I feel like the act of grinding to 120 on numerous alts with no goal other than hitting 120 as motivation… it just feels flat to me.

How are you finding Battle for Azeroth? Where are you putting your focus?

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  1. I am focusing on getting to 120 😉 I think we are in need of some story that makes sense and ties things together to help our interest get caught again.

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