The Battle Begins Again and Again



I’m fortunate in that I don’t feel the overwhelming need to live on social media. That’s probably why I only have a passing awareness that people were shitting all over the new patch.

There are problems, sure. But there’s good there too.  At least, that’s what I hear. Vaguely. I’ve been working big hours since Patch 8.0 came out so I haven’t really had time to sink my teeth into whatever Blizzard did. Of course, what I did do, didn’t exactly get me to break out into a happy dance.

  • Log into the Class Order Hall.
  • Check for gold missions and see they are no more. As expected.
  • Attempt to use the “nuke one world quest from orbit” ability and find the nuke greyed out for scrap.
  • Try to talk to nuke distributor and find he will no longer return my calls. 
  • Delete Order Hall addons.
  • Log off.

Of course, then came today’s patch. Today, the Battle for Teldrassil began… with a yawn. After throwing down in Darnassus on both Alliance and Horde characters, the end result was unlocking some world quests.


Guess I’ll log in again next week.

Until then, I’ll try and get this song out of my head by playing it repeatedly. At least this content has some strong replay ability.

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