Preparing for BfA

Woah, it’s been a minute since I posted anything on this here blog. This is becoming a habit. Can not doing a thing be a habit? Would that be some kind of unhabit?

I’ve been doing my WoW chores (aka Order Hall missions on my phone) on an almost-daily basis. I log in to replenish my resources, gather gold, and buy tokens. Bufaah (or BfA I suppose) is just around the corner so it’s time to double down and milk that gold-making cow as long as those Order Hall udders are producing.

But with Battle for Azeroth only a couple of months away, those teets are going to be tapped very Soon(™). Then what? How does one make that sweet and easy gold once the Order Hall gold gets nerfed (TO THE GROUND BAYBAY)?  I’m sure there’s going to be another Garrison/Order Hall to abuse at some point. But until then, can we abuse the toys we have?

Sure can. I stumbled upon this Lon Measley video, which gave me enough ideas to keep the gold flowing. Okay, maybe a trickle but it’s something.


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