The Green Ironwoman




Well… she’s level 30. Posting this will probably be the kiss of death, but the Ironman challenge continues. Again. I stayed Horde, but decided to go Goblin female because why not? I’m sure the fact that she’s now my highest level Ironmanwoman is totally coincidental.

First Aid is quite interesting now. Winter Veil is kicking off, and selling Small Eggs has been quite profitable. I’ve managed to skill up her First Aid to 300. One bandage heals her for more Health than she even has. Handy!

Guess we’ll see if she dies in the next day or so, as per every other Ironperson I’ve posted about. Fingers Crossed… again.

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  1. /pretending not to have read this post, to avoid jinxing it! (Also very curious to see these challenges take place once level scaling is a thing)

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