Hordly Zavage


After a week of vacation away from snow, I came home and decided to advance my Pandaren Ironman. He was at the point where he had to make the choice in the Pandaren storyline – Alliance or Horde. It pretty much came down to a coin flip, and it came up tails. So Horde it was!

Zavage tore it up like, well, like a savage. By the time I walked away, he was level 21 and still qualified as an Ironman. That officially makes him my highest level Ironman challenger yet!

Leveling him isn’t my only goal. I’m also trying to build some gold on him. That’s potentially tougher than leveling. He can’t have professions, and he can’t run dungeons. He can’t group up. His gear is just north of ass-tastic. Needless to say, it’s another uphill battle.

Honestly, that’s about it with me and World of Warcraft. I’m not doing anything really end-game, and I’m earning enough gold with the Order Halls to buy tokens. Hopefully this Ironman thing carries my interest for a bit longer. Otherwise, things are gonna get mighty sparse around these parts.


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