Giving Thanks


Sleeping is like a meditation. I’m not doing either.

Would you look at that. Another week, another 60 hours of night shifts. Working through the night and sleeping during the day really messes with things like my mood, level of alertness, and knowing what day of the week it is. More importantly, I’m also out of the loop as far as holidays. I had no idea it was already Thanksgiving!

Since my brain is still a special layer of mush, I’ll take the easy content grab on this one. I’ll try to sum up some of the things I’m thankful for in my World of Warcraft adventures in the past, well, since my last post I guess.  

Dear Blizzard. Thank you for the bounty you have placed within my computer, and within my heart. This week, I have managed to squeeze in some World of Warcraft and I am thankful for… 

  • The Gold: I made a good stack of chips on both Alliance and Horde side. So good that I managed to buy a WoW token on each. One went to pay for my sub, and one went into the bank. With the Black Friday sale coming up, I could use that cash to buy a Level 100 boost for a new character. Or, I could spend less that the sale price on the boost and just transfer an already 100 toon to a new server.
  • The Grind: My enthusiasm to level another character to 110 is sitting at a solid 30%. I just feel like have no real reason to do it. I could add another body to the Order Hall Gold Factory, but I could also spend an hour or two and put more characters through Argus to unlock the first batch of upgraded Order Hall missions.
  • The Motivation: As things stand currently for me, World of Warcraft is mainly about running gold missions. I’ve picked up the epic fishing rod, I’ve snagged Legendaries on a few characters. I’m not raiding, and I’m not doing guild stuff. Truth be told, outside of gold stuff, the thing that motivates me to take characters out into the world is a personal rivalry between my Alliance DK Croman, and my Horde DK Scaredevil. Each of them has a Legendary that’s pretty great (Chest Legendary for Scaredevil, Nuke Trinket for Croman). Getting both of those on one character would be chart-topping. I bounce between the two, trying to get that Legendary that the other DK has. Alliance vs Horde once again!
  • The Ironman: As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve decided to give the Ironman Challenge a try. Since then, I’ve had to start over due to accidentally equipping a pair of Green boots on my Ironman toon, which disqualified me. I deleted that character (no great loss since he was only level 12), and started again on a brand new server. I tagged him with the title “the Patient” as a reminder to slow down and be mindful of the gear he uses. Also, not dying would be a big plus. Once he gets some serious level under his (grey) belt, I wouldn’t mind experimenting to see just how much gold an Ironman could make. It would probably be limited to farming, since he can’t have any professions other than First Aid. And no dungeons either, since I believe that disqualifies him as well.

    So there’s my list of things that I’m thankful for. I’m also thankful that I’m Canadian and that I missed my Thanksgiving, like, a month ago. So now I get another shot at it via America’s holiday. USA! USA!

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