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I don’t know when this is going up, but as I write this I’m about fifteen minutes away from finishing my night shift. That seems like an excellent time to put a blog post together, because it’s like I’m getting paid to blog. Living that dream!

The downside, of course, is actually having something to blog about. Since BlizzCon I haven’t really done anything new. The lazy gold keeps pouring in, so that’s something I guess. I just build up my order hall resources and run gold missions on my phone through the Legion app. This past week was rather profitable, making just over 90 grand Horde-side and 30k gold for the Alliance. I could bring those numbers up by getting more characters onto Argus and unlocking a few of those phat gold missions.


Speaking of BlizzCon, people have been excited about the news that Blizzard will be releasing Warcraft Classic, or whatever they’re calling their vanilla server. There’s even a movement in game called Project 60, where players try to capture that Vanilla experience. I’ll let that big ol’ slab of swole gamer, Bajheera, explain via Youtube.


I’m not big on nostalgia, so this really doesn’t float my boat. But far be it from me to poop on people who enjoy swimming upstream with rocks in their pockets. Uphill. Both ways.  I’m not opposed to leveling challenges. Play the game how you will. That’s why I’ve decided to attempt, once again, the WoW Iron Man Challenge on my new warrior Freakenstein.


Next stop – level cap!


Warriors are beast, so I know that the issue won’t be the content that kills me. It’ll be my lack of patience. So good luck Freakenstein, and my condolences.

There we go. Guess I’m getting things done after all. Next stop, sleep.

Rokk out.

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  1. Oh, how neat, good luck on the WoW Iron Man Challenge 🙂 I didnt know of that Project 60, what is that…/Gonna go watch!

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