Ronda Rousey at Blizzcon 2017



Blizzcon 2017 was amazing.

If I wasn’t so exhausted, I’d tell you about it. Instead, I’ll let this video do my talking for me.


Why am I so exhausted? It was just after midnight when my plane landed back in Winnipeg. I took my phone off of Airplane mode and started to gather my things when my phone chirped a notification from my cousin.

“Did you see Ronda Rousey at Blizzcon?”

Did I who the what now?

I’ve mentioned in the past that the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion-turned actress/WWE hopeful, was also a World of Warcraft player. Turns out, Ms Rousey also loves her some Blizzcon. She and her husband, former UFC Heavyweight contender and all-around man-beast, Travis Brown, appropriately dressed as Death Knights and came to Blizzcon 2017 to check out the new expansion, Battle for Azeroth.


At least they chose the right class.

But that’s Blizzcon. You never know what – or who – you’re going to see.

Let’s do it again in 2018!

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