Rokk Talk – Characters Playing Characters

Tabletop RPG’s have been around since forever. And since the dawn of forever, it seems like a certain type of person tends to gravitate toward these games. Much like people look at a World of Warcraft player and immediately assume they don’t leave their parents’ basement and and are devoid of functional social skills, there are preconceived notions about RPG players as well.

And like in the first example, stereotypes exist for a reason.


Fun Fact #1 – I’ve played RPG’s over thirty years. From back then until very recently, I think I’ve played with every stereotype in this video.

Fun Fact #2 – The Roleplayer is wearing a Horde t-shirt.

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Gamer. Writer. Lover. Fighter. Defying stereotypes, one nerdgasm at a time.

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  1. That video was hilarious, hah 🙂 I have to check with hubby if he has any of these in his group, hah, thank you for sharing.

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