My Week In Review

Yeah, not really a big week in WoW. Bigger outside the game than inside.

  • Work. Had to do that thing that keeps a roof over my head and the lights on. It was a shitty schedule of nights, followed by an exam (part of my training program), followed by more training days. To say this week kicked my ass does service to neither the kicking nor my ass.
  • Gold. I made maybe a couple thousand gold, all through class hall missions that I accessed through the Legion app. I didn’t restock auctions, nor did I even post any auctions. I was that swamped, both mentally and physically.
  • Logging Less. I really didn’t log into WoW very much at all this week. At the very least, I’d normally log in to do the daily profession cooldowns and/or crank out some hexweave bags. But this week, I logged on to maybe three characters and that was just to spend some Bloods on Order Hall resources. For the most part, I made sure I could run class hall missions. My focus was on Rokkthor, who will be the guy to unlock Legion flying for me. I tried to focus on missions that would help give him Broken Shore rep, to make up for the lack of dailies being done. So it wasn’t a total waste of a week.
  • Muscle Wizard. I’m quite done with leveling alts, unless said alt really and truly intrigues me. While researching classes for the Pathfinder RPG that I started playing in, I came across a class that, of course, got my attention – the Muscle Wizard. I decided that maybe I could summon the strength to level one more character if I could make him that entertaining. And lo, the Orc Muscle Wizard was born.


I cast Fist!


There’s something else, but for the life of me I just can’t… Oh well, I’m sure it’ll come to me.

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