Earn Gold Fast in Patch 7.1.5

Whether you’re talking about profession mounts, recouping raiding losses, or buying a piece of cute transmog gear, the reality is that shit isn’t cheap in World of Warcraft.

There is zero shortage of ways to make gold in World of Warcraft. Put in the time, #DOWERK, and reap the rewards. Works in RL, works in game. But sometimes your schedule won’t allow for a one, two, five, ten hour grinding session for farming, or to knock out the profession quests that keep gold making potential locked away.

So here’s a couple of quick ways to put some scratch in your pocket that doesn’t involve a bunch of farming. You don’t even need professions. Hell, you don’t even need to leave Dalaran. Doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?

  • The Blood of Sargeras Flip – BoS is BoP (Bind on Pickup). Take your BoS, buy stacks of high priced mats from the BoS Vendor by the Blacksmith Shop in Dalaran, and sell them on the AH. Don’t have any Bloods? Advertise in Trade Chat or General Chat that you’re buying blood for 150-200g. Get person to buy multiple stacks of the most expensive item (herb, ore), and hand over the gold when they hand over the mats.
  •  Obliterum Flip – Obliterate things like the enchanting bindings “Binding of XXXX”, Legion Alchemy Stones, or Potions if they’re cheap enough (you’ll need about 164 of the Healing Pots to make one Obliterum). Naturally you should check prices before you start flipping, and buy the thing you’re obliterating for cheaper than the Obliterum is selling for.
  • Use Other People’s Professions –Advertise that you’re looking for someone to make the things you’re going to sell. Provide the raw gathering mats (ex Felslate and Leystone ore to make Demonsteel Bars), add a tip (100g?) and come out gold plus from the deal.

There you are. Three easy ways to make some fairly substantial gold. Leave a comment below if you have any quick gold tip, or if you use these ones and make a nice slice of gold.


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