The Alt Game

The handsome bastard above would be my human monk, also known as the newest member of the “Ding 110” club. Lucky number seven!

Lately, I’ve developed a routine when it comes to fresh 110 toons. They get sent a care package of one Scroll of Insta-Rank 20 Artifact Power buff, and go through World Quests while they finish off their Order Hall questline. I try to get them geared to the point where I could use them for a Heroic dungeon, LFR, or even maybe a Mystic dungeon run should I feel so inclined. I’ve done this with one Death Knight, two Demon Hunters, and now the Monk is getting “The Treatment”.

I’m not sure exactly why I’m doing this, to be honest. Maybe it’s just the completionist in me. I do enjoy using the Monk. Even with sub-800 gear, he’s tearing up the DPS charts. And the mobility is pretty sweet too. He might not have the dash or double jump or gliding of a Demon Hunter, but back to back Cyclones and a Flying Dragon Kick really gets him hustling across a map.  He’s also got a Skinning / Leatherworking profession tandem, which has been a nice way to get Obliterum powder. The boy’s earning his keep.

I struggle to call him an alt. It’s like when I was playing the Demon Hunter. There are things about the class and character, that really appeal to me. Running my last couple of LFR raids with my DH, I felt like I was clipping some of my DPS due to Fel Rush putting him just a bit out of position. The Monk has a little less mobility than the Demon Hunter, but he can sit in the pocket without gimping his DPS.

I’ve got three other characters – two Warriors and a Hunter – who dinged 110 and were put in their garrison to pick flowers and make Hexweave bags. They so far have not tugged on my heart strings, but they are filling my bank with gold. I have no problem giving those characters the “alt” tag. My gold bank appreciates their efforts.

I’m not sure what the plan is once my Monk finishes his Order Hall questline. I only plan to go as far as to get him his class title and third relic slot. So once he gets to that point, and is sitting at a respectable iLevel spot, he might move back into his garrison. Maybe I’ll work on advancing some professions. I have an Orc Hunter that I have to level at some point – he’s literally my bae, the first character I created when I started playing WoW during Burning Crusade.
Do you have many characters at 110? If you do, are you using them all or are some of them just gathering dust? Are they alts, or just “multiple mains?”

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  1. At the moment I have 4 characters at 110 .. mage, hunter, druid and paladin. My goal is to complete the class hall campaign on every class, while completing everything else on the mage since he is the ‘main’ .. at least for this expansion. So the other three have done that, gotten their titles, and are just sitting right now while I complete Insurrection on the mage and level the others. I have several sitting at 105 so it’s just a matter of getting on and doing what needs doing.

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