The 2017 Pushup Challenge


Get Stronger in 2017


This is not a resolution thing for me. This is more of a “get off your ass again” kind of thing. It’s also a “your birthday is coming up and you want to get better as you get older” kind of thing.

It’s also a Goku thing. Specifically Gokuflex.


Ironically, the man is built like an Anime powerhouse.

I started watching Gokuflex (aka Matt Kido) videos about a month ago, and he has definitely motivated me. It was a mix of his DBZ angle connecting with my inner (and not so inner) nerd, and his practical approach to nutrition and fitness, that appealed to me. In any case, I saw his New Year’s video and it gave me an idea. A goal.

That goal: 2017 pushups in 2017.


Now there’s no way I’m doing two thousand pushups in five hours. I’m just not at that point physically. I don’t think I’ll even do them in five days. But I plan on working out a little more regularly than I currently am. With that, I’ll incorporate pushups into the workout. I’ll also do them when I’m not working out. If I’m at home playing World of Warcraft and I’m taking a flight path, I’ll knock out five or ten pushups while my toon is in the air. If I’m in a BG and I’m waiting for the start timer to tick down, I’ll bang out another quick few.

What’s the point, you might ask? It’s about two things really: getting stronger, and getting active. It’s something anyone can do. If you started today and did six pushups a day – we’re talking two when you wake up, two at lunch, and two before bed – you’ll Achievement Ding your 2017 pushup goal by December. And you’ll be 2017 pushups stronger than you were in 2016.

As gamers, that’s what we do – we build up our avatars by gaining experience points and improve their weapons and gear. We make them stronger. I plan on doing the same thing with myself.

That’s the bottom line, whether it’s in WoW or RL – Get Stronger.

I’m planning on doing the challenge this year. I will succeed. I will get this achievement. How about you?

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